I once had a friend that took concurrent enrollment classes at her high school. She took enough to start her college career as a sophomore. It wasn’t until she went to register for college that she learned the school would not accept most of her advanced class credits. Whether or not you are considering transferring at some point, things do come up a lot to deter people from their original plans. Because of this you would be wise to check to see how transferable the credits from your online school will be to another other potential universities and vice-versa.

Because each university has their own requirements for enrollment and accepting credits you will have to check with individual universities and online schools to see how cross compatible their credits and degrees are. Many universities accept bachelor’s degrees when you apply for a master’s degree if the college you attended was an accredited one and they’ll most often do it without looking at the individual credits.

However, if some time is passed or the specific program you are looking into has specific prerequisites you may have to take some classes to get you caught up to speed before matriculating into the specific program.

Before registering with an online college, if you plan on having credits transferred from another institution, you can have your transcripts audited to see just what is going to apply and what isn’t. You don’t want to be surprised when some of the credits you expected to be applied to your degree weren’t. You may have to pay some money, but you’re better safe than sorry.

That’s all about transferring credits from a previous institution into the one you are looking into. In addition to doing this, you will want to see just how transferable the credits you earn at this online college or traditional university are with other universities. Again, if the online school you’re looking into has been accredited you are most likely okay, but it’s no guarantee, so it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

Knowing the program you’d like to transfer into is a BIG help when determining if credits will transfer from your online program. If you can do the legwork before to decide where you’d like to go in the long run your temporary run at an online school should be no problem. If you don’t know, but anticipate going on for further education, even if you don’t, it’s good to check to see how well the credits or degrees transfer out from the online institution you’re looking to enroll in.

Asking about how credits and degrees transfer is an example of how thinking ahead can help you create situations that will benefit you more easily down the road. As the old saying goes, “Measure twice. Cut once.” Good luck in your online educational pursuits.

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