You remember the old Charlie Brown cartoon where he is in a classroom and the time just doesn’t go fast enough? In fact, the teacher’s voice is even muffled to give added air of boringness? Well, I was one of those students at times. I’m not sure I fell asleep in class, but I definitely saw my attention wander when the material was too easy or too not interesting for me. We all can yawn when it comes to the speed and material presented in school. For this reason and others you may consider accelerating your online college education.

When looking at course guides you may not explicitly see that a course is accelerated, but if the time period is shortened from the regular 16 weeks to 8 weeks for the same credit amounts then you have a good idea that it’s an accelerated course. You will most likely also be able to ask a guidance counselor about that.

One benefit of accelerated classes is that you are able to be immersed in the material on a more regular basis and you are also able to apply what you’re learning in the form of assignments much quicker. The more you expose yourself to the material and the quicker you can apply it, the better you learn; all this of course assuming that you don’t spend time stressed to your whit’s end. Make sure you get a feel from an instructor or counselor as to the pace and demand of the work before you try this so it’s sure to be a beneficial experience as opposed to one that crushes you like a bug.

If you have make up your mind and you are interested in completing your online college coursework in a shorter amount of time here are some pointers to help you hack the increased pace.

  1. Schedule is Key! When classes are coming at you like a speed pitch batting cage, you have to have a plan or you can easily get pummeled by the amount of work that comes at you.
  2. Faster than Fast. So, your course is already on the accelerated pace, but there may also be slower times. Pick a pace just faster than the class and plan on getting ahead as much as you can, so if you hit any speed bumps you have time to recover.
  3. Light at the End of the Tunnel. Remember that it won’t last forever. If it starts to get heavy, remind yourself that there is an end in sight. It’s only 8 weeks long.
  4. Rewards Can Help: Buckle down & set a fun or tasty reward for when the class is over to help motivate you to keep on going. Having something to look forward to is very helpful for some. You can also do this with daily or weekly goals.
  5. Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew. There’s a reason that some online universities tell students to reduce the amount of classes when they are accelerated. It’s meant to be quicker, but also more intense. Take one at a time if you can.
  6. Work towards Something. When you have a goal like a thesis or dissertation you can often have that in mind when you’re taking your classes. Your assignments can be mini projects that contribute to a greater end.

Hopefully these tips help you navigate more effectively your accelerated online college program. Take from this list the things that make sense to you and add your own. Have your own personal standard of success. If you do so your experience will be much more enjoyable and beneficial for you.

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