I once heard a very wise principle taught by a lady who once was once homeless and in $35k worth of debt, but who is now a multimillionaire, giving away much of her wealth to fund projects that help others in need. She taught that if you make your boss’s job easier, you are more likely to get a promotion. Think of it, if you were a manager and had an employee that came in each day and did everything in their power to make your job easier and more fulfilling, wouldn’t you talk them up to those you report to? Sure! Anyone would. And while there are many variables in getting a promotion, making yourself more valuable through online education will definitely increase your chances.

In some fields continuing education is required such as in the teaching profession or medical field. Here it’s required to keep your status and job. There are many fields however in which further education it is encouraged, but not required. In any field in which it’s not required, you will shine when take the effort to increase your skills and make yourself more valuable to your team, boss and company.

Whether continuing education is required or not in your field you can find specific courses and programs to help you maintain your position or to create your own promotion. Many online colleges cater to this type of professional development and can help you maximize your investment of time and money. You may also wish to ask your place of employment if they offer any type of aid or special accommodations to improve skills. They may have a special program they recommend to their employees. Alternatively, you may check the professional associations in your field to see what kind of programs they offer or recommend. Your employer may even pay for it! But even if they don’t, you will want to show them that you are motivated to contribute to the business.

You can gain much benefit personally from professional online education even if it doesn’t translate out right then and there into a promotion. You will be gaining the habit of learning and magnifying your abilities. As Brian Tracy, a personal productivity and life coach says, spend some time and money each on increasing your capacity in your field of employment. Said another way, he who is responsible over few things shall be made ruler over many. This is what I learned was called the law of promotion. If you improve your current lot, opportunities will open up to you.

Just one last word about professional development course credits. If your employment requires this, make sure you check with the licensing body in charge to see if the courses your considering will apply towards that. Most likely, if this kind of education upgrade is necessary for you, you will be able to learn about before you go searching for online classes to take.

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