There are several key organizational principles for students of online college classes, heck, any kind of students for that matter, to remember if they want to have a worry free system for keeping track of their assignments, note taking and other files related to their classes. These are just a few ideas that I hope can excite your mind enough for you to then go and create a solution that works best for you in your school situation.

The first thing is to have a system for keeping all your files readily available and safe when you need them. Just having a system is better than no system at all. For example, you don’t want to wake up in the morning, late to turn in a class assignment and go looking for it on your hard drive only to remember that you left it on your friend’s computer that you worked from. Get a flash drive that you can stick on your keychain or in your backpack. Then make sure to bring it home when you’re doing your homework from whatever location you are in to a central place to store your files.

Secondly, in addition to knowing where your files are going to be, you’re going to want to have a backup system in case there is a computer failure of some sort. Granted, it would be wonderful if you installed an antivirus system like discussed in Online College Courses – Additional Software Needs and your computer never had a problem, but chances are that you will have one sooner or later, best be prepared. So, simply use a flash drive you don’t take with you everywhere. Keep it in your closet or somewhere you can quickly grab it and make a back up of all your school documents at least once a week, if not more. It’s easy to do this, just plug in the drive and open up a window for both the location where your main files are stored as well as the jump drive. You can click in the window where the main files are located, click “crtl+a” to select them all, “ctrl+c” to copy them – then click in the folder on the jump drive and click “crtl+p” to paste the files there. Remember, this is just a backup, so, don’t do your work from here. This drive is also separate from any drives that you are using to transport your files from location to location.

The third thing is to go beyond just having a location and having an organized location in which to keep your files. Below is a picture of a possible folder structure you might employ to keep your files well organized. You can see on the left that underneath the School folder I have a folder for the university I’m attending. I then have created a folder for each semester and then one for the online courses I’m taking. I’ve subdivided each class folder to keep documents such as the syllabus, semester calendar, etc in an Administrative folder, homework assignments in a Homework folder, documents such as articles, web resources, etc in a Documents folder and lastly a Notes folder to keep my class notes organized by date. You’ll see that I also added a little description about the lecture’s topic so I don’t have to look somewhere else to see what we talked about that day.











So, remember, have a system to help you know where your files are going to be, keep a backup so you know they’ll be safe & organize and name your files so you don’t waste time sorting through them. Do these as a start and the organization may just flow over into your actual thinking about your classes.

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