The criminology field involves the research and reporting of specific aspects and conditions related to crime. While the career might not be as glamorous as is depicted on popular television programs like CSI, criminologists must be every bit as meticulous and creative in their thinking and actions in order to help victims, stop criminals and work towards preventing the crime from happening again. Criminologists also help convicted criminals to become rehabilitated so that they can reenter the workforce and become an asset to their communities.

Online Criminology Degree Duration

Those wishing to become certified criminologists need to be dedicated in order to succeed at any level. However, it is possible to take an associate’s degree for two years in order for those interested to see if they want to pursue the career further. Following on, typically a bachelor’s will take four years to complete, a master’s will take two to three years and a PhD will take four to five years. While this would take quite a commitment, colleges that offer online criminology degrees allow people to study in a more flexible setting around their environment.

Criminology Course Information

Criminology is a field of study that draws upon many different disciplines which include psychology, sociology and law in order to study the nature of human criminal behavior. As a result, there are different paths that those interested in this field such as criminal justice, justice administration and homeland security. Online criminology classes will also include information on statistical and computer applications in criminal justice, directed policing, alcohol, drugs and criminality, as well as crime and violence to name a few. The idea is to provide students with a multifaceted understanding of criminology until they are in a position to specialize in a particular field.

Criminology Degree Career Outlook

Career opportunities for criminologists are quite abundant in today’s job market and are expected to grow quickly over the next several years. However, employment opportunities for criminologists largely depend on the location and crime rates of each specific area. Government law enforcement agencies typically look for well-trained individuals to fill available positions. The average annual income for detectives and investigators is roughly $53,990. Graduates with an online criminology degree can also look into a host of other careers such as forensic detectives or correctional officers.

An online criminology degree is a lot easier to attain for people who do not have the time or money to dedicate to a traditional on-site campus university. They are particularly helpful for people who are parents or who need to work and study in their part time. However, completing a criminology degree will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but the rewards and career opportunities will make the effort worthwhile.

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