When you go online, you read a lot about college degrees, but rarely do you hear about someone just taking one online college course. But, taking just one course is a terrific way to get your feet wet and really make sure that you are getting into something that you like.

Not everyone is cut out for online learning, and by taking just one online college course, you will be able to see if it is for you. Online learning requires you to be responsible, to turn papers in on time, to read what you are expected to read, to interact with others, and most all, to use technology in an appropriate manner.

The first class that you take online will really tell you how far along you are in terms of your technology ability. Not only will you be required to navigate the internet, but you will need to properly use email (often on email systems that are foreign to you), and you may be expected to interact with your teacher or classmates on some sort of forum or bulletin board. This can be complicated and may take some getting used to.

Taking just one online college course in a subject that you really enjoy is a particularly good way to see how you will eventually do with an online degree. And, by taking just one class, you are not committing to a degree or a series of classes which might later turn out to be all wrong for you.

Whether you take your online course in a subject that will eventually lead to a degree or one that just sounds like a lot of fun is up to you, but use the experience as a testing ground to see if you have what it takes to be a responsible and successful online student.

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