The forensic science field can be a very exciting and challenging field to be in.  Those who pay close attention to detail and are career driven will find working in the forensic science industry an excellent decision.  However, in order to enter this field it is required to have a quality education.  Individuals who hold full-time jobs or are taking care of a family may find it difficult to obtain the required education through most traditional schools.  To accommodate these people, many schools offer online forensic science degrees.

Online Forensic Science Degree Duration

There are many schools to choose from when looking into an online forensic science degree, but most of these schools will take roughly the same amount of time to complete the program.  If a potential student were only looking to obtain an associate’s degree, the program can be completed in one to two years.  However, if a student is wishing to continue to a PhD in forensic science, the program could take as long as seven to eleven years to complete.  Broken down and depending on the school, a bachelor’s degree could take up to four years, a master’s degree can be up to three years, and PhD courses can be up to four years.  Potential students must ask themselves how far they want to take their education before they can know how long they can expect to be in school.

Forensic Science Associate’s Course Information

An associate’s degree in forensic science helps students establish the necessary skill requirements for the field at the entry-level.  Generally, online forensic science associate’s degrees require students to complete several general education classes in addition to some natural science classes.  Some technical courses are also required to receive this degree.  Some online schools will permit students to choose a specialty for their degree.  For instance, when this is available a student may decide they wish to focus primarily on crime scene investigation.

Forensic Science Bachelor’s Course Information

Several online colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in forensic science. These programs give students the information needed for the highly competitive field. In most cases, students are required to take natural science, general education, and some more specialized forensic science classes. In most cases, students are also required to take several criminal justice courses.  In some schools, students may be required to enroll in a criminal justice program which gives special attention to a specific aspect of the forensic science field.

Forensic Science Master’s Course Information

For the students who are interested in the high paying jobs within the forensic science field, it is important to choose an online forensic science degree program that also offers graduate level study. Most master’s degree programs can take anywhere from two and a half to four years to complete.  In that time, students will benefit from a highly advanced technical education in laboratories. Most schools give students the opportunity to learn about the psychological aspects of crime as well as instruction of how to analyze DNA and generate basic toxicology reports.  Forensic Science degree programs are highly advanced and students need to be prepared for the extensive amount of work required to complete the program.

Online Forensic Science Degree Career Outlook

After graduating from an online forensic science degree program, students will be most likely to find employment at government crime labs.  The average pay for a starting level position would be right around $1900 a month.  For those who have prior experience, the pay rate jumps to as high as $3000 a month.  After receiving more experience in the field, forensic scientists can earn up to $50,000 a year.  The overall future outlook for this career path is fair for those who are properly trained.  However, the entry-level positions in the forensic science field are very limited.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

By receiving an online forensic science degree, students have the ability to continue working while getting their education.  Online programs offer flexibility that is not found in traditional on-campus schools.  For those interested in science and who have the desire to help victims of crime, the forensic science field is an excellent choice.  There are several online universities which offer the programs necessary to start a career in this exciting field.  The most important thing students must remember is that in order to start a career in this field, they must work diligently to complete the programs to the best of their ability.

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