With online educational programs becoming increasingly popular, more people are going back to school and deciding to further their educations in a number of ways.  Some of them look to obtain an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree, which are the most popular degree programs.  However, others look for certificate options instead, as they require less study time and coursework, less hours, and typically cost less money while still providing the opportunity to get a good job.  Although there are many certification options, most people go for the top online certificate programs available through online universities.

Teaching Certificates

Teaching certificates are among the top online certificate programs, especially among young women and men.   Although it is not possible to become an actual teacher through a certification program, there are still other options which make it a top choice.  Specifically, students who go with this option can train to teach preschool programs, and they can also use it to become teaching assistants to preschool teachers, as well as those who teach in elementary and secondary schools.  This is an incredibly beneficial choice for those who want to get teaching experience before obtaining a degree.

Medical Billing and Transcription

The health care industry is booming right now, and many students are taking advantage of the types of positions that  are opening up in the field.  As a result, there are many schools offering certification in medical billing and medical transcription, making them two of the top online certificate programs.  Although medical billing is generally done within an office setting, transcription work can sometimes be done from the home, which also adds to its popularity.  In either case, both positions offer tremendous opportunities and benefits.


Nursing is another health care option that is becoming ever more popular among both men and women.  Although acquiring an RN takes more than a certificate, many online universities have CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant – and LPN programs that comprise their top online certificate programs.  This certificate can be a stepping stone to a higher nursing degree; in fact, many individuals with nursing certificates go on to receive associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in nursing.  The nursing certificate itself allows for rewarding jobs, however, and its popularity is growing.

Computer Programming

Many popular certificate degrees are devoted to computer programming and other similar subjects.  This industry is also growing by leaps and bounds, and many students take advantage of that growth by getting certificates in subjects pertaining to their interests.  Students can train to repair computers, work as IT specialists, work in computer graphics, and many other options with this type of certificate.  Another benefit is that there is typically room to expand their knowledge, and they can acquire many different certificates in this field.

There are a number of other top online certificate programs as well, but these four are by far the most popular.  Typically, with most subjects, students can find a certificate program that will let them get their foot in the door of the subject that interests them most.  Certification programs are popular because they typically take far less time than degree programs, which is extremely time efficient.  Students can spend the minimum amount of time getting their certification, and then join the work force in the area of their specialty.

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