It is easy to become an occupational therapist or assistant with one of several online occupational therapy degree options.  This is an ideal choice for those who want to help others, especially individuals with chronic pain.  Therapists help those who are geriatric or mentally challenged, or people with long term illnesses who want to live their lives fully.  It takes a lot of work to obtain degrees in this field, however, so students must carefully decide which degree they want.

Online Occupational Therapy Degree Duration

In order to receive an associate’s degree in occupational therapy, a student must attend school for about two years.  Typically this online occupational therapy degree will allow graduates to work as assistants to occupational therapists.  Obtaining a bachelor’s degree will take four years on the average, while a master’s degree requires two years of work.  Students may spend more or less time attaining their degrees, depending on how many classes they take a semester.

Occupational Therapy Associate’s Course Information

As briefly mentioned, students who receive an online occupational therapy degree at the associate’s level can work as assistants to occupational therapists.  They will need to take certain lab courses, especially in sciences, ethics, sociology, and so on, in order to obtain the degree.  Health related courses are naturally required as well, and biology is heavily studied.  Students must also take care to improve their personal communication skills within their coursework.

Occupational Therapy Bachelor’s Course Information

Achieving a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy requires students to focus on basic subjects within the realm of medical science.  The coursework will revolve around psychology and sociology, in addition to medical and professional ethics.  Bachelor’s candidates will learn how to make patient evaluations and assessments, as well as tests and measurements.  The idea is to help them acquire the proper skills for this type of therapy, so counseling courses are also common.

Occupational Therapy Master’s Course Information

At the baster’s level, the required coursework for this online occupational therapy degree becomes much more focused and intensive.  Students at this stage must focus on case studies, the theories of OT, and therapy as it relates to pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients.  They learn proper research techniques, topics related to human resources, and gerontology.  Some of them may also learn about administration, and typically a research product is required.

Online Occupational Therapy Degree Career Outlook

Depending on the area in which they work, OT assistants can make as little as $25,790 in a nursing home or as much as $53,090 in home health care.  Respiratory therapist technicians make an annual average of around $44,000, and occupational health and safety technicians make around $49,000 per year.  On the average, occupational health and safety specialists make as much as $65,000.  Occupational therapists themselves are capable of earning as much as $70,000.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

It takes a lot of diligence to obtain an online occupational therapy degree at any level, but it is well worth the effort.  More and more people decide to go after an online degree to further their education.  It generally costs less than other options, which is currently very important.  However, it is also a good choice because students can set their own hours, take classes when it is convenient, and really focus on what they are trying to do.

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