An economics education will give students what they need to acquire high paying jobs in both government and business sectors. Economics has become one of the fastest growing courses as far as popularity. Students receive training in analytical and critical thinking, which play a role in a huge number of occupations. Getting an online economics degree is one of the easiest and most effective methods.

Online Economics Degree Duration

Depending on the type of economics degree that a student want to get, course duration can vary considerably. Available degrees in economics include associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and each course requires that all general education requirements be met as well as any foundation entrance requirements. Generally, an online economics degree will require between 50 and 60 semester hours.

Economics Associate’s Course Information

An Associate in Arts degree in economics provides a student with the knowledge he or she needs to go into a financial career. Typically, subject matter covers all the principles of economics as well as the policies. Most associate’s online economics degrees require as much as 90 credit hours between course work and general studies. A lot of students choose to go from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree, and many colleges and universities all the credits from the associate’s course to be rolled over to the bachelor’s course.

Economics Bachelor’s Course Information

Students who receive an online associate’s degree in economics often opt for continuing their education with a Bachelor of Science degree. This course teaches much more specific principles, and it is here that a student will begin to focus on particular career paths. On campus, economics bachelor’s degrees require four years for completion. An online economics degree can take less than half that time though. There are a lot of different courses available online that aren’t even offered in traditional university campuses.

Economics Master’s Course Information

In order to obtain a master’s degree in economics, a student must first receive his or her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. This is the highest degree offered to economics students and is a graduate program, unlike the bachelor’s degree which is an undergrad course. It typically takes students two years to complete the course requirements for their master’s degree, but once again it takes a much smaller time frame to acquire an online economics degree through a web based education institution.

Online Economics Degree Career Outlook

The reason economics degrees have become so popular is that there are literally hundreds of possible careers open to anyone with an economics degree, even if it is only an associate’s degree. The retailing, manufacturing, insurance, and banking sectors, to name a few, all require economists. Many economic students venture into criminal justice and crime investigation as well.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

Getting an online economics degree saves both time and money for an identical education. Many people are under the impression that it becomes less personalized, but it’s actually the opposite that is true; each course usually has a smaller class roster, meaning the teacher can spend more time with each individual student. It’s easier than ever to get an online degree.

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