An online general education degree is the perfect choice for any students who are interested in getting into the field of education.  As the degree itself suggests, general education is typically reserved for those who would like to teach a little bit of everything.  The choice is ideal, for instance, for students who would like to teach in an elementary school, where they can be responsible for many subjects.  There are a number of degrees available in this field; it simply depends on what the student wants.

Online General Education Degree Duration

The typical duration for an online general education degree actually depends on the type of degree in which a student is interested.  Students can go after an associate’s degree, which generally takes about two years, though that depends on how many classes a student can take each semester.  A bachelor’s degree in this field is a standard four year degree but, again, may take more or less time, depending on a number of factors.  Typically, a master’s degree can be completed in about two years.

General Education Associate’s Course Information

Students who work to obtain an associate’s degree in general education receive basic training, which will allow them to work toward higher degrees.  The coursework required for this degree also revolves around the basics of education, so students will take standard courses in science, English, and math.  Other required courses include such subjects as general sciences, biology, college level math courses, sociology, philosophy, political science, and history.  Students may also be required to take computer literacy courses, as well as economics, geography, and physics.

General Education Bachelor’s Course Information

To receive an online general education degree at the bachelor’s level, students typically build on the courses required for an associate’s degree.  They may decide to focus on a particular area of expertise, such as English, biology, or math.  They may also decide that they want to specifically teach third grade, fifth grade, or students in middle school.  They will have to expand their knowledge by taking humanities and fine arts courses, as well as courses in life science communications, applied statistics, and adolescent psychology.

General Education Master’s Course Information

To obtain an online master’s degree in general education, students continue to expand upon the things they began learning in their bachelor’s program.  At this level, students also have to focus on oral and interpersonal communications, as well as critical thinking.  Their courses revolve around the development of necessary skills that can help them deal with a variety of different students and situations.  The courses also focus heavily on pedagogy, allowing students to learn how to create curriculum plans and to be effective leaders in the classroom.

Online General Education Degree Career Outlook

Anyone with an online general education degree can work in many positions and can make extremely enviable salaries, although it depends on where they work and what they do.  For instance, working as a teacher in an elementary, middle, or high school can earn anywhere between $47,100-$51,180 each year.  In some areas, this may go as low as $30,970-$34,280.  In still other areas, however, top earners can earn as much as $75,190 annually, and that may go up as high as $80,970.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

There are many advantages associated with getting an online general education degree, such as the fact that those who do will be giving back to their communities.  It is worthwhile to get any degree online, because it saves time, allowing students to focus more closely on their work.  In addition to being time efficient, this option can also save a significant amount of money.  That is important primarily because it can help you keep from wracking up debt due to student loans and grants.

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