An online technology management degree trains students to work with computers and technology.  It may concentrate on a specific aspect of technology management or be a general degree that covers many areas of computers and technology.  Colleges generally use a very hands-on approach working with computer networks, hardware, software, customer support and installation.  Upon completion of an online technology management degree, graduates should be ready to take many standard certification exams.

Online Technology Management Degree Duration

An online technology management degree can take anywhere from 2 years to 5 years depending on the program and whether the student is full time or not.  However, usually there is no specific time duration required.  Upon completion of a program, students should have the necessary skills to work in a variety of career fields.  Most schools use a combination of coursework, forums, emails and chat rooms to teach students.

Online Technology Management Associate’s Course Information

Those who earn an associate’s degree in online technology management may find work as a systems administrator, network administrator or in computer support.  This degree will provide hands-on experience and students should be able to take the CIW Professional exam or the Comp TIA Network+ exam after graduating.  Coursework may include Microsoft Administration, Database Management, Information Technology Structures, and Web Page Design depending on the program.

Online Technology Management Bachelor’s Course Information

An online technology management bachelor’s degree program focuses on designing information technology systems.  Students learn how to provide business solutions, support, research and communications for employers.  Class instruction may include algorithms, databases, human interface design, computer hardware and software basics, applications testing and user tactics.  There are several specialties that students can focus on for an online technology management bachelor’s degree.

Online Technology Management Master’s Course Information

An online master’s degree program is a more focused program for those who want to become an expert in their field.  This type of program focuses on the design on information technology.  Generally, students have significant real-world experience before beginning this degree program and have already earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.  An online technology management master’s degree may focus on business administration, information systems, security, analysis or some other related field.

Online Technology Management Degree Career Outlook

This career field is expected to grow by 2016 and those with a master’s degree can earn more than $130,000 a year.  However, there will also be plenty of entry level jobs also available.  Students who aspire to graduate from an online technology management school should have a strong background in science and math.  Previous work experience in the industry is also helpful for successful candidates.

There are many options for those who wish to get an online technology degree and it is important to learn about the basics of the degrees available before choosing a college.  Online information technology degrees can lead to lucrative careers in IT Management, Project Management or more.  Several online colleges offer degrees in this in-demand field and there are positions available from entry-level customer support specialists to Chief Technology Officers who are responsible for evaluating all new technology and communicating with upper management.

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