Sociology is field that is considered to be very diverse and sometimes complicated.  Those who enter this field have a great interest in how society in general works and moves to create what we all see as a whole.  When a potential students makes the decision to go into this particular field of study they should be prepared to tackle an extensive amount of work.  There are several elements involved in getting an online sociology degree.  Once the decision has been made, sociology can be thrilling and highly interesting.

Online Sociology Degree Duration

On average, receiving an online sociology degree takes the same amount of time as a traditional on-campus university.  Students can expect to spend four years studying for a bachelor’s degree, three years on a master’s, and two to four to achieve a PhD.  For those who wish to continue their education for higher degrees, individuals should attempt to locate a school which offers the highest level degree they intend to seek.  This will help reduce the amount of time a student will spend out of school waiting to begin classes for the next degree.  Since sociology can be a very strenuous program, students will be able to reduce the stress by staying in the same school to continue their education.

Sociology Associate’s Course Information

Most online universities do not offer an associate’s degree in sociology, but they students can receive sociology credits in an associate’s program.  The few schools that permit this offer introductory sociology courses which students can use as credits when applying to a bachelor’s program.  The online sociology associate’s degree is a two year program in which students primarily focus on general education courses.  However, in the general education courses the schools will also require one or two basic sociology courses.  The credits for these courses can then be transferred over to a bachelor’s program that will allow students to receive a sociology degree.

Sociology Bachelor’s Course Information

There are many schools that offer an online sociology degree for interested students.  Although the exact course requirements may vary, most of these schools require similar classes.  For example, students can expect to be taking courses related to gender, interpersonal relationships, and culture.  These are all considered to be basic requirements for a sociology degree.  In order to receive a bachelor’s degree in sociology, students must demonstrate that they have a broad understanding of how society affects everyday life.

Sociology Master’s Course Information

When a student enters into a master’s program for an online sociology degree, they can expect to receive a more thorough education into the field of sociology.  Most graduate schools will have sociology students select one or two specific aspects of the field to study.  For example, a student could choose to focus on society within urban areas or women in society.  This will help students determine the specific field they wish to be in after receiving their degree.  A master’s degree program prepares students for entry into their desired career field.

Sociology Degree Career Outlook

The job possibilities for individuals with a degree in sociology are nearly endless.  There are many different fields which can capitalize on the knowledge of a sociologist.  The largest percentage of sociology degree graduates is in education.  The field of sociology is also expected to grow as much as 21% over the next ten years.  The lowest starting salary for a sociologist is roughly $43,000 a year.  With a quality education and a few years experience, sociologists can make as much as $122,000 a year.

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