Twenty-five years ago an adult with a full-time job and family obligations found going back to college very difficult.  This is not the case in today’s technologically advanced society.  There are many top online universities that give students the opportunity to further their education in a manner that fits into even the busiest schedule.  Potential students have found that in some fields of study, online schools offer degrees as high as doctoral programs.  Below is a look at the current top online universities in the U.S.

University of Pheonix

The University of Pheonix was originally founded in 1978.  When online education first became possible, the University of Pheonix was one of the first schools to offer these programs to working adults.  The entire concept of the University of Pheonix was designed to meet the needs of working students.  Online programs fit perfectly into the model the school had already established.  Students can start out receiving an associate degree and work all the way up to doctoral programs online.  There are many fields of study available; such as criminal justice, education, and nursing.

Ashford University

Ashford University is a top online university with regional accreditation and high graduation rates.  Students can work towards a bachelor or master degree while attending Ashford.  There is a wide selection of majors for the bachelor program.  Although there are fewer options available for the online graduate studies, there is a varied enough selection to meet the needs of many students.  Ashford University offers programs such as Bachelor of Arts in History, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, and more.  Students find that the online portal used for entering the classrooms makes earning a degree convenient by fitting into busy schedules.

Capella University

A top online university with an extensive selection of available programs is Capella University.  Capella offers potential students 122 specialties to choose from.   Capella University participates in the Federal Pell Grant Program and the Federal Stafford Loan Program to help students get funding for their education.  Since paying for college is often a large concern for many potential students, the financial aid department of the university helps students through the funding process.  The affordable tuition and the flexible schedule for class helps students achieve a degree in education, human services, psychology, business, or information technology.  Capella University has a long history of helping students complete their degrees in order to further their career goals.

Kaplan University

Of the many top online universities, very few of them offer law degrees through their online programs.  Typically, online programs will offer criminal justice or paralegal studies, but not degrees which help students become lawyers.  Kaplan University is one of the few schools which offer this to students.  This is however only one of the programs the school offers.  Students can receive a certificate, associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree through Kaplan University online.  Using the schools provided software students can interact with instructors and classmates to ensure they receive a high quality education.

For busy adults wishing to further their education, online universities are an excellent option.  There are many schools to choose from.  The schools previously discussed are among the top online universities.  With a commitment to education and a desire to help those with busy schedules, these schools are an excellent choice for anyone looking into an online degree.  In the technologically advanced world we all live in today, students can complete a degree even with full-time jobs or family obligations.

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