Getting a degree in graphics and multimedia can prepare students of all ages to immerse themselves in the always-interesting and creative world of gaming, software development, movie producing, marketing, and so much more. A graduate with an online graphics and multimedia degree will have the skills necessary to create unique media presentations of all types to enhance, market, entertain and enlighten an online audience.

Online Graphics and Multimedia Degree Duration

Any student, whether online or attending a classroom, should be aware of how long it can take to earn a degree. An online graphics and multimedia degree at the associate’s level can typically take about two years to earn, while a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years of full-time study to obtain, depending on the student. Achieving a master’s graphics and multimedia degree takes the student two additional years of advanced study.

Graphics and Multimedia Associate’s Course Information

Earning an associate’s level online graphics and multimedia degree can be the start of an amazing career path. An associate’s degree in this field could qualify a job-hunter for a position as website builder, tech support, graphic designer, freelance multimedia design, and numerous other rewarding occupations. Students will learn basics of graphic design, animation, website design, sound technology, programming, and so much more.

Graphics and Multimedia Bachelor’s Course Information

The more advanced skills a student can learn in a bachelor’s course on graphics and multimedia design focus largely on the business and artistic aspects behind successful careers in graphic design. Students who desire to work in these occupations will obtain knowledge of the creative process while learning how to manage, budget and work with consumers. Graduates will even have the skills required to open their very own businesses.

Graphics and Multimedia Master’s Course Information

In the most advanced master’s online graphics and multimedia degree programs, the career-focused skills a student can learn will include the use of valuable tools like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and more. Some of the classes in these programs include concept storyboarding, interactive website designing and many others. Research, communication, technology and many other vitally important skills will be absorbed by the student.

Online Graphics and Multimedia Degree Career Outlook

The job outlook for graduates of online graphics and multimedia programs is promising, with website and animation design experts having the best opportunities opened to them. The competition is tough, but those with talent and skill are quite sought after. The salaries earned by graphic designers can vary widely, with entry-level designers earning $35,000 annually and designers in ownership of large firms bringing home $95,000.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

For students with high interest in art, computers, and design, an online graphics and multimedia degree may be the perfect choice to get started on a rewarding career path. With many reputable online colleges available at relatively low costs, more students than ever can enjoy the opportunity to receive a quality education. An online graphics and multimedia degree can open the door to an enjoyable, fun and fulfilling career path.

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