An online college degree can help with career advancement in many fields.  With the internet age, an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree can be earned entirely online from a traditional college or an institution that specializes in online degrees.  Choose a program that offers the desired degree, find out if any college credits transfer and make sure the program is accredited and begin the program.

Online College Degree Duration

An online college degree can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on the discipline.  Students can earn certificates all the way up to Ph.D.’s and never leave the comfort of home.  An online college degree can be a requirement for employment or a way to further a career.  With so many people in the job market today, it pays to dedicate a few months to further your education and advance your career.

Online College Degree Associate’s Course Information

An online college associate’s degree usually takes at least 60 credit hours to complete.  This generally takes 2 years or 4 semesters of full time school.  It covers some general education and then focuses on the specific degree coursework and any relevant electives.  With an associate’s degree, graduates usually specialize in a specific vocation.  Some people use an associate’s degree as a stepping stone to earning a bachelor’s degree.

Online College Degree Bachelor’s Course Information

An online college bachelor’s degree normally requires 120-128 semester credits.  The 60 hours that are needed for an associate’s degree can be applied towards the requisite bachelor’s degree hours.  This type of program consists of a general education followed by electives that emphasize a particular major.  Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree or a Bachelor of Science degree.

Online College Degree Master’s Course Information

In order to get an online college master’s degree, students must already have a Bachelor’s degree.  This graduate degree focuses solely on one area.  Most master’s degree programs take 30 to 60 hours or 1 to 2 years.  Many students take a part time approach to an online college master’s degree program though and it may take longer.  There are Master of Arts programs and Master of Science Programs.  These programs can be based on course work, based on research work or a combination of both.

Online College Degree Career Outlook

As more people become more internet savvy, online college degrees are becoming more popular.  Online colleges no longer carry the stigma of offering a lesser degree than traditional schools and are an ideal way to advance a career.  As the economy recovers having a higher education can only be beneficial to those hoping to climb the corporate ladder.  An additional benefit of online college degrees is the ability to take classes at your own pace, full-time or part time.

An online college degree offers non-traditional students a way to advance their career without taking any time off from their jobs.  There are also many different pricing options, so that it students will not go into debt while finishing college.  With the economy still reeling there are many people willing to do jobs that are beneath their education level.  By using an online college degree to further your skill set, it will improve your chances of keeping and improving your future job outlook.

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