Those still with babies obviously will have sleep schedules that are very erratic. But once they get past those initial sleepless infancy stage, schedules settle down to something much more reasonable. It’s during these times that study and classes make more sense.

But what’s a parent to do if they work? A 9-to-5 job can make it feel like it’s impossible to continue your education; however, even those who work all day can find opportunities and windows in which they can improve their education. Below are a few examples of how busy parents can further their education in the midst of such erratic schedules.

  • One of the most obvious ways to find the time to pursue your online educational goals is to make time. If you’ve created a regular schedule for children where they can go to bed and wake up at the same times each day, you may find waking up an hour before they do a helpful way to approach your online classes.
  • Depending on your employment you may be able to discuss with your boss the option of spending lunch hour on the computer to do your classes. Some jobs even allow for some downtime throughout the day in which you might pursue your education. However make sure to discuss with your boss possibility of these options before using work time to study. If your path of education can help improve your skills at work you may find your boss more than willing to give you a little time each day at work to study.
  • Depending on the length of your commute to work you may find studying during this time valuable option. If you use public transportation this is obviously the best scenario to allow you to work on your class material, but even if you are driving yourself to work, you have options. Some classes have downloadable video or audio podcasts of course material that you could listen to while you drive.
  • Consider making a set time during the day where your children study with you. If they are young they can use this time for coloring or other creative projects while the older kids work on class assignments from school. Making education an important family is activity during the day can yield many more benefits than just you earning your degree.
  • Similar to the first idea, you may consider staying up an hour or two passed your children’s bedtime to work on furthering your education. If you decide on this, it’s important to maintain consistency in your children’s schedule so that they more readily go to bed each night at the same time. You may also let them know that daddy or mommy has study time when they go to bed so they start to gain an understanding of the responsibilities you are taking care of.

However you make time to continue your online education it’s important to remember that a schedule is essential. Without a schedule common time wasters easily slip in. By preventing these as much as possible you can typically find a lot more time during the day of than you thought you had. In closing, in most situations it is possible to make time to go back to school and get your degree from an online college.

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