I always get a chuckle when I hear people say to women something like “Oh, you’re just a stay-at-home mom. Wouldn’t that be nice!” Simply knowing just how much of a handful I was to my own mother leads me to believe that there are many other mothers who plod along every day, often at their wits ends, all while doing laundry and dishes and preparing food and keeping the house clean and much, much more. Just getting to know several mothers’ experiences can help anyone take their head out of the sand when it comes to the kind of load mothers manage on a regular basis. It’s no easy task!

So many mothers do such an amazing job in raising their children. But despite their busy schedules and apparent lack of time and attention necessary to pursue further education, there are ways in which parents are orchestrating the further education of the woman of the home. Here are just three examples of how an online path can shine over the traditional one for stay at home moms:

Many moms who return to school find that it’s difficult to arrange care for their children. If you don’t live by relatives who have the capacity to care for your kids each day while you attend classes another option may be to send them to a day care facility. Moms who pursue online education can save on child care costs. While not advisable to attempt studies while young ones are destroying the kitchen, it’s reasonable in most circumstances to believe that there will be some quiet times throughout the day in which you can concentrate on your studies.

Mothers who take online classes at home give their children a wonderful visual for the type of devotion needed to succeed in their own schooling. And moms who have school-age children, can even set a time where they study together with the kids. Many choose to make the time just after dinner family study time. Once the dishes are done the kitchen table becomes a classroom desk and the whole family engages together and learning.

Taking online classes for moms also means more time with their families do to not having to travel to physical location. This can cut back on travel costs, but also just on time away from the kids & husband.

So for the stay-at-home mom who wishes to continue her education these were three benefits to pursuing an online educational route over the traditional one. Additionally, there are some beautiful benefits for the ladies who take the brave step of continuing their education that we will discuss in another article. I’ll also be discussing some ideas to help interested mothers in finding the time to fit online classes into their schedule. Stay tuned!

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