There are many situations in which you as a professional can improve your skills and become more valuable to your team or boss at work. Doing so also shows a degree of motivation that many employers crave, but are not used to. You’ll stand out from the crowd. Consider some of the following scenarios in which employees bumped up their skills with an online education and improved their situation’s at work:

Tony felt that by creating an online presence for their landscaping business they would have many more opportunities to get in front of their target customers. Neither Tony nor any of his coworkers understood the process of making and maintaining a web presence. So Tony enrolled in a web design class at the local university. His classes were all online and enabled Tony to help the company become the most well known landscaping company in his community.

Suzanne was a psych tech at the local mental hospital and wanted to get into management. She had begun college but hadn’t yet earned her bachelor’s degree. Suzanne finished her bachelor’s degree online and was then able to search for management positions in her field just as any other graduate were doing.

David wanted to teach nursing classes in addition to working as a nurse at the hospital. He was able to do just that by pursuing a master’s in nursing online. David now teaches nursing courses and supervises others, a step up from his previous work, both in terms of money and personal fulfillment.

Jane was a truck driver. Her work took her all over the country which she didn’t personally like very much. It also made traditional schooling nearly impossible. By enrolling in online classes Jane was able to get the education necessary to become a manager of the trucking company she worked for. This allowed her to remain local more often instead of traveling all the time.

So you see, whether you’re looking for career advancement or greater personal satisfaction, online education offers you the ability to do both in a way that fits your schedule and without having to quit your current job. Professionals in all fields have found a great benefit in advancing their careers through the help of online education in their respective fields.

Also, you don’t need to be afraid of the online education and some fly-by-night scheme. Distance education is nothing new. Flexible learning options have existed as early as 1728 when Caleb Phillips peddled his shorthand lessons in the Boston Gazette. You can rest assured that there is a reason in 2007 that 3.9 million students took online classes (as reported by the Sloan Consortium). It fills a need that many are taking advantage of.

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