Online universities make it easier for people in many different types of situations to obtain an education. I would like to talk about two specific issues, transportation and disabilities, that are often seen as barriers to getting an education, and how internet solutions are breaking down those walls that prevent many from pursuing their education.

There many reasons why transportation may be an issue for you. Possibly some of those reasons may be that you don’t have an automobile, that you live in a place where public transportation is not easily accessible, that you have a medical condition that limits you in any number of ways that causes you to rely on others for transportation or that you may just not like to travel. Whatever your case, online education can be an answer to these challenges.

You will not need to look for others to help you get to school, you will not have to navigate public transportation, nor will you have to rely on traffic flowing freely to get to your classes on time. If  you’re determined to get an education you will persist through any number of situations to make sure that happens and although removing transportation as another thing to think about adds a convenience to education that can be quite refreshing, you’ll always have to something that threatens you getting your education.

Physical Disability: You may have a physical disability which makes it hard for you to get around. If you are in a wheelchair you may have already realized that while many locations have made accommodations for those in your situation, many still have not. You may find yourself worrying about whether the place you want to go will have accommodations for your wheel chair, or you may find that you are more concerned about sidewalks being shoveled in the wintertime. These are not issues with an online education.

Learning Disability: You may have a learning disability which makes it more difficult for you to process information. This is not as big a hurdle as it may once have been. There are resources at most to help you assess the exact nature of your learning challenges. This will help you determine the types of accommodations that could benefit you.

Deafness: While audio is an essential portion of some online courses such as music or spoken language classes, if you are deaf you will most likely be able to read the materials for most courses available to you. Often times when audio or video is presented in a course instructors will provide a written version of the presentation for you.

Visual Impairment: If you are blind or seriously impaired visually, chances are that you are reading this using a screen reader such as JAWS. You can use the same method to complete online coursework. Just make sure to communicate well with school’s campus staff to help you prepare for any challenges that you may encounter during your classes. They can help you work around any problems you may encounter during your class work.

So, you see, even if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you cannot get an education because of a disability or because of a transportation issue, online classes can give you the opportunity to successfully begin and complete a higher learning degree.

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