So you’ve heard a lot of benefits of getting an online education and you think you’re ready to give it a shot? Here are a few things to consider to make sure you are prepared.

Discipline. It’s key. All of us have grown up in different circumstances. Some have been taught to work even when we don’t want to, while others of us have learned to shrug off work when the mood isn’t just right. Here are some of the components of good self-discipline that you will want to have in order to succeed in your online college degree.

Internal motivation. Are you used to being nagged or reminded to get your chores or work done? Or have you always been pretty good at getting things done on your own without reminders? If you want to succeed in online education you have to realize that your teacher of isn’t going to be calling each day to ask if you’ve done your homework. Procrastination is not a laudable trait for those who wish to succeed in getting their education online.

Go-getter. While it’s true that the excuse “the dog ate my homework” is not acceptable in regular classes it’s VERY true that it will fly in internet ones. Persistently working at a problem even when challenges arise is essential trait of success in any type of education. Because life is full of situations that arise that will threaten your ability to complete your work you may need to get creative to discover ways to complete assignments when the way appears to be blocked.

Time management. Do you use a calendar? How about a ‘to do’ list? Do you have a regular routine or do you just take each day as it comes? Are you a good planner? These are some of the important questions  that you need to ask yourself to determine if you use your time well. If you find it hard to set your own schedule, you’ll most likely find it difficult to get into and succeed with online classes. Juggling many responsibilities can create an even greater strain and need to manage your time well. If this is hard for you consider talking to a counselor at the school you plan to attend or enrolling in a time management course.

Going Solo. While there is work that occurs in groups online, projects that can be collaborated on with other students, you will be spending a lot of time physically by yourself. If you find it hard to study by yourself, online course may be a challenge for you. However, if you have friends with whom you can be present with while you study this may help out. Some people find it helpful to be around other people even if they are not studying the same material. Just make sure your friend does not become a distraction.

If you’re ready on these four self discipline fronts you’ll be much more prepared for success in the online degree of your choice.

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