Many teachers teach in a similar fashion all the time. Those that find a great degree of success with their students are often the ones that vary their teaching styles. This is likely because students do not all learn in the same way. Do you know what way you learn the best? If not perhaps it’s time to find out. It may just help you boost your ability to succeed with an online education.

While most people are visual learners, some learn better through sound and others through doing. I’ll explain little bit about each one here but you may wish to take some time later to do a more in-depth inventory into how you best learn. Here are a couple places you can go to help you assess this:

Now because most of us are visual learners the traditional classroom experience seems to work well for many people. A teacher stands at the front of the classroom to command your attention, a chalkboard with illustrations and visual examples is front & center, a textbook is assigned to read. If this you are a visual learner, chances are these are helpful to you. Chances are also that you’ll have a good online learning experience. Online classes have many things for visual learners like power points, reading assignments, graphics and images & video presentations.

If however, you are one of the types of people who can sit and listen to a friend for hours and remember everything they say, you may be an auditory learner. If you’re an auditory learner you may find it beneficial to you to look for classes that have podcasts or downloadable audios that you can listen to wherever you go.

Kinesthetic learners. This is the kind of person that likes to put together a bookshelf before reading the instructions. They may start a project or homework assignment before hearing the teachers instructions. Kinesthetic learners like to learn by doing. Class labs are typically much more beneficial for kinesthetic learners than for visual or auditory learners. They get to work the problems with their hands.

Students who are successful will often supplement class material by finding additional resources to help them learn the way they need to learn. You may for example search other websites to help you find videos and animations to help you understand the subject if you are visual learner. You may seek out other helpful informational podcast from other online universities or educators if you are an auditory learner. Auditory learners may also find that reading aloud their notes and assignment helps them to retain the information better. If you are kinesthetic learner you may ask the teacher, or come up with your own ideas, for activities that can help illustrate the topics you are learning about.

Understanding how you learn is an important step in taking control of your own education online or otherwise. Learning your individual learning style can be really helpful. Knowing this can help you know what kind of help to ask for and what questions to ask when assessing potential classes. Take some time to see what kind of learner you are. It’s fun and will most likely be very beneficial for you.

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