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Another way to maximize your time and your studies online is to make sure you take time everyday for some strenuous activity. Sports can be fun. You may also enjoy running by yourself. Playing ball with groups of people can help you find important social interaction. While going for a jog or other activity by yourself can give you time to think. We often get so busy these days that we have very little time to think and process what happens in our days. Either way, 20 to 30 minutes of strenuous exercise each day will sharpen your mind and help you think more clearly & stay focused in your studies. I highly recommend scheduling a little time to work out each day. I’ve found that breaking my online class schedule up with a workout in the middle is most beneficial. Doing so can refresh me for the second half of the day.

Learning can be truly exciting. As new concepts and ideas flow into your mind and you consider them it’s very common to feel elation that’s not felt in very many other places in life. However one thing that studies can lead to getting trapped inside your own head. Therefore, I would suggest some social time in between your studies. That social time can come in the form of dating, service, or just giving someone a call to see how they’re doing. There’s something important about our interaction we have with other people that sustains and lifts us in small but essential ways. A research study was done with people who spent long periods of time in isolation. Those people found it very difficult to maintain regular sanity. But when we have the opportunity to share our ideas with others, encourage them, listen to them or just be in their presence, we find something magical occurs. We should take those chances to replenish ourselves so our studies can be more effective.

If you look at all the suggestions I’ve mentioned so far in this series you’ll note that many don’t directly relate to studying or reading better, they are all things we can do to maintain a proper balance while we are taking online college courses. It would be unfair of me to teach about balance and fail to mention another vital component of balance and that is spirituality. Because we all come from different backgrounds and the word spirituality can mean different things to each of us I’d like to explain what I mean by it.

To some, spirituality is some mystical mumbo-jumbo about the universe, to others it’s a punishment and guilt for moral shortfalls. Honestly, whatever your background and whatever your current disposition is toward spirituality let me take you on a little though journey. Think back to a time when you felt at peace completely; at peace and at one with all those around. You may have been with friends. You may have been working out or you may have just been reading a good book. I propose that these are little insights into what spirituality is. Taking time for spiritual things is slowing down to notice the very real connection with all that surrounds us. When we feel this connection with others and when our mind is at rest we find that our ability to focus is a stronger, our minds are clear and free to consider our studies much easier. This mental state is invaluable for anyone pursuing an online education. Education is meant to be exciting and when we feel harmony and balance that excitement is compound.

These are only some thoughts about how to prepare for taking online classes. The important thing to remember is that we each have our own insights and our own things that we learn about life. We need to learn to pay attention & trust those things. When we do, we will find the things that we need individually in order to succeed at any given task in life. By keeping your life in balance you are well on your way to setting the stage for a positive and successful learning experience in your online college education.

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