Because we live in the age of super fast technology, we often have very little time to think about how we’re incorporating it into our lives. Because of this, it can find its way into our worlds in counterproductive and unusual ways. Think about the following things before you start your online education & I’m sure it will greatly increase your ability to succeed at whatever online degree you choose.

Studies have shown that even small interruptions in our focus can lead to large amounts of time wasted. For example, I used to work while logged into my instant messenger, gmail and Facebook accounts. Each of those three programs is an amazing piece of technology that allows me to communicate instantly with friends the world over. However, when logged in, each also gives anyone I’m connected to access to interrupt me any time they wish.

Stopping to take 20 seconds out of my day to say hi to a friend doesn’t seem like a big deal. Each 20 sec stop not only adds up, but some researchers have found that it can take up to 10 minutes or more to return to a focused state in which you were previously engaged. The first lesson that you’ve got to learn to be successful in your online educational pursuits is to minimize distractions. Here are some ways I suggest you do that.

Have you ever found yourself studying online and so eager to learn that you click on a link that takes you to another page to learn more about the given subject? I have. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to “come back down to earth” and have 30 different tabs opened at once. I’ve spent all day before just getting from that new window what I felt I wanted before closing it, only to arrive at my point of departure and realizing that I have no more time to finish what I started. It’s usually a brilliant journey, but the point remains that I failed to get done what I set out to accomplish.

If we don’t manage those distractions and keep firm on our main focus , we’ll all to easily get lost in a sea of information, finding our way back to the topic at hand two hours later and out of time. My suggestion is to keep only one tab open had time he if you have to go to another page for further information and make note of it and return later or give yourself a one minute time limit, when that one minute is up, close the window and return to the page of focus. If you give yourself boundaries and limits you learn to manage your time well online.

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