When considering making a decision in life we often ask ourselves the question what’s in it for me? This question gets to the heart of the benefits of any decision it helps us to evaluate whether that decision is right for us. Here are seven of the benefits to consider when looking into getting an online degree.

1. Convenience is one of the largest benefits that online colleges can offer students. The convenience of completing coursework at your own pace. The convenience of taking classes from wherever you want. Even the convenience of pausing a class lecture to grab a bite to eat, go to the restroom or go for a jog without the risk of missing something important. Or better yet, taking the lecture with you on the jog!

2. The money saved in obtaining an online degree is also a great benefit to consider. Those who have children find that they can save on child care costs because they can be home with their children and take pauses to work on studies. Because they don’t have to commute to school they can also save money on transportation. Because there are many options, online universities often have competitive rates and one can often find a program that fits in their price range.

3. One benefit that is often not thought of it is the ability for an individual of any age, race or ethnicity to receive a truly equal education without risk of judgment or discrimination.

4. In the course of receiving your online education you’ll also be learning skills which help you to better collaborate in virtual teams, a common scenario for modern work groups. The distance learning model of education provides you with this vital modern day skill.

5. Online options of education are allowing people from all parts of the world to come together and interact and learn very culture specific things from one another. You can have the opportunity to broaden your perspective of the world through obtaining an online college degree.

6. If you have a certain disability you may have excluded yourself for the possibility of obtaining an education because of accessibility issues. For example, if you have a back problem that keeps you from sitting long periods of time, while definitely possible in a traditional school to work around this you may find greater ease in creating your own optimal environment for learning at home

7. While not the only reason to consider furthering your education online, increased salary is definitely one of the benefits of obtaining an advanced degree. Those who obtain higher levels of education are shown in general to have higher ranges of income.

So as you can see, when asking yourself the question “what’s in it for me?” there are lots of good answers why a serious consideration of an online degree would be very worth your while. Whether it’s greater income, increased flexibility or the chance of broadening your perspective on the world, an online education is a very good option.

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