In this new generation of text messaging and video games students are finding increasing appeal in online colleges. Not only are they the most convenient form of education, but they fit the lifestyle of the rising youth. And now with options from biology to business students can find just about any course of study that they wish to pursue.

Because traditional programs take all students through the court’s material at the same speed everyone finishes at the same time. So, traditional bachelor degrees require just about four years of study to complete. But with accelerated programs and options students are earning their degrees in much shorter periods of time. Students are learning that they can conform their education to fit their schedule instead of the other way around.

There are some great options for students interested in exploring an online college degree. Here are but a few to choose from.

Capella University

Compels wide range of programs include human resources, psychology, business, education, IT. Their wide selection is not the only reason that Capella University is an appealing option for many students. They also are an accredited university which makes degrees from there much more appealing to many businesses seeking to hire graduates with degrees.

Walden University

Walden’s programs include master’s and doctoral degrees in addition to four year bachelor degrees. Transfer students can have most if not all of their credits earned other accredited universities applied to graduation credit at Walden. Walden’s colleges of health sciences and of social and behavioral sciences are just two of the directions students can go with Walden University.

University of the Rockies

University the Rockies is regionally accredited by the higher learning commission. They are an independent graduate school that offers Master of arts in psychology and Doctor of psychology degrees. Their psychology specialties are many. From business psychology to sports and performance psychology, if you are interested in this field University of the Rockies may be a good option for you.

American InterContinental University

Between their school of business, school of criminal justice, school design, school of education & school of information technology AIU offers 44 different online degree programs for you choose from. And if you ever wished to physically attend AIU you could do so at campus locations in Houston and Atlanta Florida and even London.

So as you can see, there are many options available for students looking to further their education. With these and other options students should feel confident in being able to tailor an educational experience to fit their needs. If you’re curious, take a few moments to fill out the form on this website letting us know your interests and we will help guide you in the right direction.

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