Have you ever just had one of those days? You know the kind. It starts from the moment you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow. You may wake up with a kink in your neck and then you spill your orange juice at breakfast and now you’re at work and you left that important report home on your dresser that you specifically promised your boss you would turn in today. Sometimes doesn’t it just seem like you’re living the same day over and over again? Same frustrations, different day. I don’t think the fictional character that Bill Murray played in Groundhog Day was too far off the mark from how many of us live our lives.

If this sounds like you let me share with you four ways in which I believe an online college class or two can help reduce your stress levels & bring positive change about in your life.

First, as happens so often, the mundane, daily day in & day out, same routine can wear on anybody. Taking college classes online brings a change to that tedious schedule and allows you to break up the monotony of the machine routine. While it may be true that you feel like you have too much variability in your day already, there’s something that planned variability can do that’s different from the regular hectic variability that fills many of our lives.

Second, taking an online class can be a great way to take your mind off the things that stress you the most. Often, taking the time to do something completely unrelated to the situation that’s bringing about stress in your life allows your mind to refresh & sort it all out more clearly upon returning to the situation. You may just find that you have a much better grasp of the stressful event. It’s kind of a paradox I know, but trust me, I’ve seen it work in my life.

Third, one reason that people often feel frustrated in their lives is because they are stuck. Progressing towards worthy goals is one of the joys in life that keeps things fresh and meaningful. When you sink down into maintenance mode it’s easy to become a bit anxious about your life. Those who look to the future with a vision of moving towards greater things often have the motivation as well to move ahead. Taking some online classes is a great way to take steps towards many of those destinations we create when envisioning our futures.

Fourth, learning new things is the way the brain stays healthy. When you are challenged and have to use your faculties to solve a problem, new neural pathways are formed and existing ones strengthened. This prepares you for other challenges you will inevitably face in your life. It’s amazing just how rewarding a little new learning each day can be. Find something you’re interested in and take some classes online to help you more fully understand that interest.

These are only some of the ways that taking some online college classes can help you reduce stress & frustration in your life. I’m sure you’ll find many more as you pursue your own vision of the future. Work hard!

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