If you are interested in any field of science, considering an online science degree is an excellent idea.  There are many career opportunities available to individuals who have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree in the many fields related to science.  The best part about getting a degree online is that it is possible to complete this extensive schooling quickly without leaving home.  People with full time jobs, and anyone else for that matter, can schedule their classes around their own schedules while still furthering their education.

Online Science Degree Duration

To get an associate’s degree in science, whether it is for biology, chemistry, applied sciences or otherwise, it will typically take about two years to complete this online science degree.  It will also only take an additional two years to achieve a master’s degree, providing the student is able to take classes on a full time schedule.  Before that, however, comes a bachelor’s degree, which is the longest degree to attain.  This degree takes about four years, again, depending on whether or not the student accepts a full time schedule.

Science Associates Course Information

This online science degree can be a stepping-stone to higher degrees, but it is also a great option in and of itself.  An associate’s degree is typically filled with classes revolving around general education, as well as classes that pertain to a student’s major.  Within the sciences, typical associates degrees pertain to engineering technology, nursing, emergency medical services, and information technology.  Furthermore, the credits earned with the completion of an associate’s degree can go toward achieving a bachelor’s degree.

Science Bachelor Course Information

When a science student is ready to continue on toward a bachelor’s degree, his or her major will really come into play.  A student who wants to major in biology, for example, will not only have to take biological classes, but will also have to take classes focusing on general chemistry.  Microbiology is typically a requirement as well, and certain math classes are sure to be required.  However, the majority of classes will pertain to a student’s chosen field of study, whether that is applied science or biochemistry.

Science Masters Course Information

A master’s degree is where everything culminates.  At this level, an online science degree will focus almost exclusively on the specialty in which a student is most interested; biology may narrow down to microbiology, while an interest in chemistry may come down to a specialty of organic chemistry.  However, a student may have a more varied interest.  This all depends on what you want to do after receiving a master’s degree; a student may want to be a biochemist or he or she might want to instead teach biology at a university level.

Online Science Degree Career Outlook

With an associate’s degree in science, possible occupations include dental hygienist, radiation therapist, or engineering technician; they make an average of $66,570, $72,910, and $53,240 respectively.  With bachelors or master’s degrees in science, students can have jobs related to marine biology, genetics, organic chemistry, neurology, and many more.  If they teach in those fields, they can make between $41,600 and $83,960.  Many students with a degree in science become nurses, wherein RNs make about $62,450 and LPNs make approximately $39,030.

Once you decide the best course of study, working toward an online science degree is relatively easy.  Anyone who needs to make his or her own time to take classes can benefit with this option.  Certainly, the chances to succeed are excellent and the potential career choices are exceptional.

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