Any individual who is interested in helping people with mediating, counseling, or otherwise can benefit from an online psychology degree.  With this in mind, anyone who enjoys the discipline of psychology, understands and is intrigued by the human mind and emotions, may make an ideal psychologist.  There are many ways to achieve this degree on the internet, and doing so is easy, time efficient, and affordable.  However, before beginning, there are several things to understand and consider, such as the types of degrees available, how long it takes to achieve, and so on.

Online Psychology Degree Duration

The time it takes to receive a psychology degree online primarily depends on the specific discipline chosen, the degree program, and how much time is devoted to schooling.  In general, however, an associates degree in psychology takes an average of two years if the student is taking classes full time.  Likewise, on a full time schedule, a bachelor’s degree in psychology can take up to four years, although it may take less time online.  Finally, getting an online masters degree in psychology typically takes about two years.

Psychology Associates Course Information

The associate’s degree in psychology provides the foundation you need in order to become a psychologist.  It takes only two years or less to get an associate’s degree in this discipline, and it is at this point that the student will choose a specialty.  For example, he or she may want to focus on family or marriage counseling, developmental psychology, social psychology, or something else.  Getting this degree online allows for flexibility, so students can learn at their own pace, take their time with exams and finals, and really concentrate on their classes.

Psychology Bachelor Course Information

Once a student has earned an online bachelor degree in psychology, he or she is ready to move on to higher degrees.  However, this online psychology degree also allows students to start in entry level positions in fields pertaining to social work.  They can continue their schooling, but they can also seek out occupations in medicine, advertising, and teaching.  However, to begin practicing therapy, to become a fully licensed psychology, or to seek a position in psychological analysis, it is necessary to go on to graduate training, such as with a masters degree.

Psychology Masters Course Information

Attaining a master’s degree in psychology is typically the minimum degree required for a degree in a psychological field.  This online psychology degree, as mentioned, typically takes two years, and it opens many doors.  At this point, students can seek many different positions in therapy and other psychological disciplines, such as clinical positions, or they can become therapists, social workers, or counselors.  Many students also continue on to strive for a PhD, so that they can operate as full fledged psychologists.

Online Psychology Degree Career Outlook

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can work as assistants to psychologists as they continue their training, as vocational rehabilitation officers, and they can seek positions as administrative assistants.  Those who have an online psychology degree at the masters level can become industrial and organizational psychologists, as well as researchers and assistants to psychologists.  Those with degrees in psychology who work in outpatient care centers make an average of $59,130, while those working in individual and family services make an average salary of $57,440.  Working with state government earns $63,710, while positions in secondary and elementary schools earn $65,710, and working in a health practitioner’s office earns $68,400.

Getting an online psychology degree has many benefits, not the least of which is enjoying more flexibility, which allows for more time to focus on schoolwork.  Online degrees are typically more affordable as well.  In addition, an online degree program makes it easy to better your life and station on your own time.

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