People make the mistake of thinking that lawyer positions are the only ones that need to be filled within the legal field, but paralegals are extremely important as well.  An online paralegal degree is perfect for anyone who is interested in the law, but wants to serve a different purpose than a lawyer.  As more and more people realize the values and rewards associated with becoming a paralegal, online degree programs are expanding.  Taking courses online offers many benefits and makes it possible to save money and time while learning a lot.

Online Paralegal Degree Duration

It is possible to become a paralegal quite quickly, especially for those individuals who are able to take classes on a full time basis.  Certain certificates take no time at all, for example, although an online paralegal degree does require time and determination.  An associate’s degree in the field, for instance, will typically take two years.  A bachelor’s degree takes considerably longer at four years, but if you have an associates degree first, those credits can be applied.  Finally, those seeking a master’s degree in paralegal and law studies need only two years of schooling on average.

Paralegal Associates Course Information

Students seeking an associate’s degree in paralegal studies will be able to take a wealth of interesting courses.  Core courses include classes pertaining to an explanation of what a paralegal does, as well as legal research, legal analysis and writing, and administrative law.  Several core courses also pertain to litigation, as well as different types of law.  There are also specialty courses, so students can think about whether or not they would like to specialize in a certain type of law, such as bankruptcy or immigration law.

Paralegal Bachelor Course Information

At the bachelor’s level, students also get to enjoy an array of interesting courses.  These include courses pertaining to law specialties, such as business law, family law, copyright law, diversity in the law, gender in the law, and things of that nature.  Bachelor’s candidates also learn about legal writing and research, the legal system in the United States, and subjects surrounding real estate, dispute resolutions, and similar such subjects.  An online paralegal degree of this nature readies students for degrees not only as paralegals but also as legal secretaries.

Paralegal Masters Course Information

It is when they go for their master’s degree in paralegal and law studies that students are encouraged to choose a specialized discipline.  They typically will choose which facet of the law interests them the most.  For example, a masters candidate may choose to focus on criminal law, tax law, or real estate law.  As they reach this online paralegal degree, they may also decide that they want to go on to a higher level paralegal position, such as by becoming a federal level paralegal, which can be extremely rewarding.

Online Paralegal Degree Career Outlook

There are many positions available to paralegals; positions and salaries both depend on their degree, their experience, and their specialty.  On the average, however, paralegals make approximately $46,120 per year.  Federal paralegals can make as much as $58,540, while paralegals who work for companies or businesses may make about $55,910.  Paralegals who work for or with insurance carriers earn an average salary of $52,200 per year, paralegals who work in employment services make around $50,050 per year, and paralegals in legal services earn an average of $44,480.

It takes hard work and determination to earn an online paralegal degree.  However, it is easier to do so on the internet because students can make sure their schedules are convenient to their lifestyles.  This type of degree is particularly ideal for adults who are continuing their education.

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