Anyone hoping to switch to a career that will always be in high demand should consider getting an online nursing degree.  The program is excellent for people who need a change and have always been interested in nursing, but may feel they don’t have the time to invest in school.  Furthering education online makes it easy to fit school into an already busy schedule and allows people to fulfill their dreams.

Online Nursing Degree Duration

The length of time needed to complete a nursing degree will depend on several factors.  One will be the rate at which the student takes the classes.  Others include the type of degree the student is working toward.  If the student already has a bachelor’s degree and just wants to get a nursing certificate, it could take as little as 1 to 2 years.  Associates degrees typically take around 2 years.  For those seeking a bachelor degree or beyond, the program can take up to 6 years to complete.

Nursing Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in nursing is an entry-level program and is usually a stepping-stone to the BSN.  This program allows a student to become a registered nurse and begin making money sooner than those following a bachelor’s program.  This degree is typically completed in 2 years.  This type of degree could lead to a career as a staff nurse, manager, insurance health coordinator, or a home health nurse.  Courses typically include anatomy and physiology, microbiology, composition, essentials of nutrition, nursing concepts, and psychology.

Nursing Bachelor Course Information

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing typically takes around 4 years.  The program focuses on primary healthcare, indigenous health and culture, health challenges, health optimization, discipline of nursing, clinical nursing practice, social justice, and psychosocial sciences and biosciences.  Institutions offering online nursing degrees will typically have students complete all coursework online and then fulfill their clinical requirements in a facility near their homes.  A bachelor’s degree in nursing can lead to advanced practice nursing specialties such as nurse practitioners, certified nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives.

Nursing Masters Course Information

Those seeking a master’s degree in nursing will usually need to spend about 2 years in advanced studies.  This type of program opens up doors for a career as a Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Educator, or Nurse Practitioner.  Those seeking this type of degree will need to hold a strong first degree.  Many institutions prefer to see a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Courses will included advanced nursing practice, applied biological sciences, evaluating interventions, services and policy in health care, principles and process of comprehensive systematic review, professional development for clinical leadership, and a dissertation.

Online Nursing Degree Career Outlook

The outlook for any type of nursing degree is very promising.  Positions for Registered Nurses are expected to increase dramatically and the growth in employment is anticipated to be around 22% by 2018.  The median annual wage has been around $62,000.  This type of career is very exciting and can be paced at any level the nurse is comfortable with.  Nurses who love a fast-paced environment will enjoy working in emergency rooms and intensive care units, while those looking for a slower paced, more family oriented environment might prefer a family practice setting.

Earning a degree online could be the best way to complete a nursing degree.  It is extremely convenient because courses can be taken at the student’s own pace.  This allows students to continue earning money in their current fields while they explore the many exciting opportunities nursing has to offer. Studying online is also a great way for students to spend less money on college programs, while still reaping all the benefits of earning a degree.  If nursing is something you’ve been considering, but the idea of attending a large university doesn’t fit your circumstances, consider applying to earn an online nursing degree.

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