An online marketing degree is an excellent broad ranged degree that will benefit students interested in a variety of fields.  From marketing consultants to high-powered advertising executives, the degree can take a student almost anywhere.  In addition to breaking into a fun and exciting field of employment, the pay is very nice as well.  Earning the degree is much easier by attending online courses.

Online Marketing Degree Duration

Earning a marketing degree online typically takes one to two years.  If the student is working towards a bachelor’s degree, they will need to spend around three or four years of study.  A master’s degree means an additional year or two of postgraduate study.  Earning the degree online makes it possible to work at the student’s own pace, which often means the courses can be accelerated and the student can graduate much earlier.  However, it also means students can take a bit longer if necessary.

Marketing Associates Course Information

The fundamental courses required for a marketing degree are science, statistics, economics, psychology, consumer behavior, and brand management.  The core focus of the online marketing degree program will be advertising, accounting, market trends, trend analysis, and creativity.  This level of degree is excellent for students who want to join the marketing field at entry levels.  Students will be able to work in wholesale distribution or retail and purchase departments, and in careers such as marketing assistants, advertising coordinators, sales agents, and market surveyors.

Marketing Bachelor Course Information

When students earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing, they are able to enter the field on the managerial level.  The courses are designed to polish the student’s creative, analytical, and leadership skills.  Classes will focus on teaching students to present products and services in the market, making them proficient at running marketing and advertising campaigns, and teaching them to decide prices and adapt to market trends and fluctuations.  Typical classes include personal selling and customer focus, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing strategies, marketing management, and strategic planning.

Marketing Masters Course Information

Students working on obtaining a master’s online marketing degree will be poised for earning higher salaries and receiving promotions.  Courses include strategic implementation and planning, leadership and ethics for managers, financial management, economics, and customer relationship.  When the degree is complete, students will be able to apply top management skills and advanced marketing techniques to real world situations.  They will also be prepared with the knowledge necessary to launch any product or service with a successful marketing campaign.

Online Marketing Degree Career Outlook

Career opportunities for marketing professionals will continue to increase throughout the next ten years.  This is because as new businesses continue to open, marketing professionals will be essential in their success.  Annual salaries for entry level marketing professionals average around $40,000 with the top end being around $65,000. Average salaries for higher-level professionals are around $100,000 per year, with the top ten percent earning around $200,000.  This range depends largely on the level of degree received, with the highest salaries being offered to those graduates with master’s degrees.

Earning a degree online is easy and convenient.  With the proper self-discipline to continue taking classes at the best pace for the student, a degree can be earned without having to quit working to go to school.  Any student will benefit from the variety of careers opened up by obtaining an online marketing degree.

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