An online IT/IS degree is always in high demand as careers in these fields continue to increase in availability.  New positions are always being created as the IT world grows.  That means anyone who has had an interest in this field can easily pursue his or her dreams by obtaining an IT/IS degree.  Attending classes online makes it easier to pursue an exciting career in this field as classes can be taken at whatever pace feels comfortable to the student.

Online IT/IS Degree Duration

A degree in IT/IS can take anywhere from 1.5-6 years depending on the level of degree the student is working toward.  An associate’s degree can be earned in 1.5-2 years online, and a bachelor degree can take up to 4 years, but is often done in 3.  An additional 2 years of post-graduate study will be required for a master’s degree in IT/IS.  The great thing about studying online is that classes can be taken to fit any schedule, which means students can graduate early, or spend extra time if needed.

IT/IS Associates Course Information

Students who plan to enter the workforce as soon as possible will likely benefit from an associate’s degree in IT/IS.  Any company related to computers, electronics, radio, television broadcasting, and engineering would have opportunities for graduates with this type of degree.  Courses typically include business programming, computer networks, data center design and administration, windows administration, and UNIX administration.  These courses are in addition to the standard required courses at the college.

IT/IS Bachelor Course Information

Careers are available in every sector of the employment market for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in IT/IS.  Courses are designed to prepare students to pass the IT industry certification exams while also providing practical hands on training to prepare students for future careers.  Students can major with an emphasis in programming, networking and security, and web application among other specializations.  The emphasis chosen will greatly influence the type of courses the student takes.

IT/IS Masters Course Information

Courses for a master’s degree include advanced database management, IS analysis and design, application frameworks for windowed information systems, advanced topics in information systems, and data mining in multimedia databases.  Again, depending on the specialty, students may take more courses in programming, or networking.  Obtaining a master’s degree will make positions in management available to the graduate and open every door for careers related to the IT/IS industry.

Online IT/IS Degree Career Outlook

Job prospects for graduates with an online IT/IS degree are excellent.  The rate of growth in employment is expected to continue to increase by 17% over the next ten years.  This is largely due to the new applications of technology that will continue to develop and create needs for more workers and managers in those areas.  Graduates with an emphasis in security will find they have many prospects available as security continues to be an increasingly important issue.

Graduating with a degree in IT/IS is an excellent choice for anyone who has any type of interest in technology.  With the continued advancements in the industry, graduates will find many exciting and rewarding career opportunities available to them.  So, if you have ever considered getting an online IT/IS degree, now is the time to do it.

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