Students working on an online human resources degree are able to change their future by entering a growing field full of exciting potential.  People with excellent organizational and communication skills, and who show a great ability to solve problems are perfect candidates for a position in human resources.  Studying the courses online allows students to learn at a pace that works best for them and encourages success.

Online Human Resources Degree Duration

Most programs in human resources take anywhere from 2 to 6 years to complete depending on the level of degree the student is working toward.  Associates degrees will typically take about 2 years to complete, while the bachelor degree is usually completed within 4 years.  Students studying for a master’s degree will usually spend a total of about 6 years to complete it.  However, studying online means students can speed up or slow the process down according to their own specific needs.

Human Resources Associates Course Information

The associate’s degree offers students a broad foundation from which to develop an understanding of the human resources field.  Since the field has expanded from the basic recruiting, hiring, and benefit program execution, students are learning more specific skills that are now required in human resources careers.  Basic courses usually include human resource management, HR informational systems, HR payroll applications, HR employment law, and written communication.  Math, economics, and financial analysis will also be required.

Human Resources Bachelor Course Information

Students have a choice whether to graduate with a bachelor in science or arts when specializing in human resources.  The Bachelor of Science emphasizes education on the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to effectively use business principals and tools in an organizational setting.  The Bachelor of Arts focuses more on the psychology of dealing with people.  Either degree will lead to a challenging and rewarding career, but students should consider the precise field they want to enter and be sure which type of degree is preferred before proceeding.

Online Human Resources Degree Career Outlook

The future for human resources specialists is very promising.  Opportunities are expected to increase by 22% over the next decade.  Because of the new legislation revising the standards of work areas, the need for well-trained human resources experts will increase dramatically.  Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the field will have the most opportunities available.  Because of the variety of careers available to graduates with a human resources degree, it is difficult to determine what income will be like.  However, the range from the very low end to the very high end is between $40,000 and $110,000 annually.

This program can benefit anyone with an interest in the field of human resources.  High school graduates that have not selected a career may be in a perfect position to accelerate their learning by taking online courses.  Those who have already chosen a career and just want to further their education for a promotion, raise, or to change careers will also find earning an online human resources degree to be rewarding, as they can set their own pace of study and still achieve their goals.

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