If you love the idea of catering to others, managing a business, or even opening an inn, hotel, or bed and breakfast, then consider an online hotel hospitality degree from an accredited online university.  Getting an online degree requires a lot of work but it is incredibly easy.  Courses can be scheduled and taken at convenient times, making it much simpler to focus on papers, exams, homework, and so on.  Before deciding on a course of study, however, learn what is available when it comes to degrees, courses, and possible careers.

Online Hotel Hospitality Degree Duration

An online hotel hospitality degree is like any other degree when it comes to how long it takes to achieve an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and/or a master’s degree.  The former will ordinarily take an average of two years, although less time may be necessary.  For a bachelor’s degree, the student will have to devote about four years of study for its completion.  Although a master’s degree is the highest level of the three, it generally only takes two years to complete, and can take more or less time depending on the credit hours taken per semester.

Hotel Hospitality Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in hotel hospitality paves the way for a great many different positions.  It can also be applied to a bachelor’s degree later, thus making it easier to get a bachelor’s degree in a short amount of time.  A variety of core courses will be necessary in order to complete this online hotel hospitality degree, many of which will pertain to business.  For example, courses in accounting, computer science, and similar subjects will likely be required for an eventual career in the hotel industry.

Hotel Hospitality Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s degree in the field of hotel hospitality will typically be aimed toward the student’s particular area of interest.  For instance, these classes will depend on the areas in which you are most interested, such as hotel management versus food service.  Again, however, certain core courses will be required in order to complete this degree.  Examples of prerequisite courses include front desk operations, food and beverage operations, marketing, and human resource management, just to name a few.

Hotel Hospitality Masters Course Information

A master’s degree is required to retain certain positions in the field of hotel management, and even for those positions which do not require this online hotel hospitality degree, it can still be helpful.  A master’s degree will look good for those graduates who want to try to work at amusement or entertainment parks, resorts, high quality spas, and at similar locations.  Depending on the student’s chosen area of interest, different courses will be required.  This degree will almost certainly require more business and accounting classes, however.

Online Hotel Hospitality Degree Career Outlook

A degree in hotel hospitality opens many doors and paves the way for many different career choices.  A graduate in this field may choose to become a lodging manager, which makes around $35,500 per year, and must have either a bachelor’s or a master’s.  However, a food service manager can make approximately $43,370 and typically must have either an associates or masters.  A hospitality manager should have some sort of business degree, which allows this position to earn an annual salary ranging from $38,676-$72,540.

Anyone who is interested in hotel management, hospitality, food services, or even the gaming industry can benefit from an online hotel hospitality degree.  Getting this degree online is incredibly time efficient and can be extremely easy.  The best part is being able to make sure the courses work well with your personal schedule.

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