An online finance degree can open many doors of opportunity.  For people already moving along a career path, this type of degree could result in a promotion, especially if a master’s degree is earned.   Those who have not yet chosen a career path can find many exciting opportunities to choose from with a degree in finance.  Taking the courses online makes obtaining the degree easy since it can be worked into any schedule and costs tend to be much lower.

Online Finance Degree Duration

Typically, degrees in finance take about 2-4 years.  However, taking courses online means working at your own pace.  Sometimes a 2-year program can be accelerated to 1 or 1.5 years.  Or, it can be stretched out over 3-4 years if necessary.  Those seeking an associate’s degree in finance will enroll in programs that typically take 2 years.  Bachelor’s degrees typically take around 4 years, and anyone seeking a Master’s in finance will need to invest approximately 2 years of post-graduate study.

Finance Associates Course Information

Students will need to take a number of general education courses in addition to courses specific to finance.  Those additional courses usually include principles of finance, money, banking, and financial markets, credit management, estate planning and elder law, investments fundamentals, and financial planning for retirement.  These courses will open the door for a strong focus on financial planning, which is an excellent field to enter with an associate’s degree in finance.  However, bookkeeping is another decent field to enter with an associate’s degree.

Finance Bachelor Course Information

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in finance will find many more doors open to them by large companies, government organizations, and privately owned corporations.  Students will need to possess excellent skills in computers and communication in addition to finance related courses.  Expect to take courses such as tax law, auditing, budget planning, corporate finance, financial accounting and risk management.  Upon graduation, students should have a strong knowledge of compliance procedures and in analyzing financial information, as well as the ability to use financial analysis software.

Finance Masters Course Information

A master’s degree in finance is designed in such a way as to prepare students for careers in fields such as investment management, corporate finance, and financial analysis.  The core of the degree program focuses on investment analysis, corporate finance, and financial management.  The more advanced coursework required for a Master’s degree also includes topics such as portfolio management, financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and real topics.  Students should take electives and other finance courses that will help them to specialize in their chosen career path.

Online Finance Degree Career Outlook

Opportunities in the field of finance are expected to grow by 21% through 2014.  The best prospects will go to students who have a master’s degree in accounting and finance, as more job openings will be available for them.  However, as the degree is so broad, there are a number of different careers available, which make the market even more open for those with a degree in finance.  This makes the degree extremely versatile and usually means students are able to find satisfactory work using their degree without having to go back and retrain.

Achieving an online degree is an extremely convenient way for people who work to expand their horizons.  The flexibility offered by the online courses makes it easy for anyone to earn a degree.  The many opportunities available in the field of finance can benefit anyone who has an interest in this degree program.  Students who are self-motivated and looking forward to a flexible way to earn a degree should apply for an online finance degree program.

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