The world will always need teachers and educators, especially those who believe in what they are doing.  Studying for an online education/teaching degree is a great way to go after your dream of educating and caring for others.  Students can acquire associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master’s degrees in both education and teaching, leading to a variety of different positions.  The following information offers detailed statistics about what to expect on the journey to receive a degree in the field of teaching and general education.

Online Education/Teaching Degree Duration

For the most part, acquiring a degree through an online university takes the same amount of time as it does elsewhere, depending on whether a student takes classes on a part time or full time basis.  Otherwise, receiving an associates degree will take approximately two years, although certain certification programs take less.  A bachelors degree is typically a four year program, but can go faster if the student takes classes all year round.  Finally, in as little as two years, you can receive an online education/teaching degree at the masters level.

Education/Teaching Associates Course Information

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get an associates degree in this field, and that degree leads to several richly rewarding careers.  It is possible to be a substitute teacher with this online education/teaching degree, for instance.  Students can also become teaching assistants to teachers in elementary schools and secondary schools.  In general, preschool teachers can also find a position if they have at least an associates degree.  Furthermore, the hours that go toward acquiring this degree can be applied to furthering your education with a bachelors degree.

Education/Teaching Bachelor Course Information

Several fields are available to individuals who have a bachelors degree in education and teaching.  It is possible, for instance, to be a teacher at the elementary school level and the secondary school level.  Students can specialize in general education, special education, or they can focus on the subject of their choice.  Thus, it is possible to teach math, science, English, and all other curriculum courses in elementary school, while secondary school teachers can focus on biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, or a foreign language.

Education/Teaching Masters Course Information

Getting an online education/teaching degree at the masters level provides even more opportunities.  A current educator may want to add to his or her knowledge and skill sets, or this may be a student’s aim all along.  A masters degree will allow you to be a teacher of elementary, secondary, or adult education.  Educators with a masters degree can also become administrators and can look for positions in the field of instructional technology; this can also be the first step toward becoming a college professor.

Online Education/Teaching Degree Career Outlook

For those students who go on to teach at elementary and secondary school levels, the yearly salary averages between $47,100 and $51,180.  However, teachers who begin their careers with a bachelors degree make an average of $33,227 per year.  In addition, special education teachers make a yearly salary ranging from $40,480 to $63,500; while the average for special education teachers who work in secondary schools is slightly higher, ranging between $41,810-$65,680.  For school administrators, the average wage is $85,220 per year.

An online education/teaching degree is a great way to give back to the community, no matter where you live.  Online degrees are becoming more and more popular, largely due to the fact that students are not under as much pressure.  They can work around their schedules without sacrificing their grades, and thus succeed at a much higher level.

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