The field of criminal justice is an intensely popular one, and it is growing rapidly.  Many people interested in the field are choosing to look for online criminal justice degree programs.  Due to the increasing popularity of the field, more and more online colleges and universities are expanding their degree programs for the subject.  Furthering your education online might be the best possible choice, because it is extremely time efficient, can be much more affordable, and provides an excellent education.

Online Criminal Justice Degree Duration

In general, students seeking an online criminal justice degree will choose between an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or they may choose to pursue their education even further.  However, the first three degrees are by far the most highly sought after by most students.  An associate’s degree in this field will on average take two years; a master’s degree typically takes the same duration.  In between the two, the average bachelor’s degree will take up to four years.

Criminal Justice Associates Course Information

There are many benefits associated with an associate’s degree in criminal justice.  An individual may choose this degree if he or she wants to advance a career in the fields of private or public security, law enforcement, or corrections.  This degree can also provide open doors into a variety of different jobs connected to the typical specialties offered in most associate degree programs.  These include corrections, private security, criminal investigations, law enforcement, Homeland security, and many others.  The credit hours acquired while attaining this degree can also go toward a bachelors.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s degree in this field is even more fortuitous and opens up an even wider world of career opportunities.  With this online criminal justice degree, it is possible to become an investigator, an officer in law enforcement, a criminal forensic specialist, a corrections officer, a parole officer, or a probation officer.  It is also possible to use this degree to become a special agent, either locally, within the state, or at a federal level.  This degree can also be applied to such fields as forensic psychology, organizational management, and crime analysis.

Criminal Justice Masters Course Information

Receiving a master’s degree in criminal justice allows for opportunities similar to those aforementioned.  For example, an individual with a master’s degree can be a part of the administration for agencies such as Homeland security.  It can also be applied to a law degree, and this is in fact an excellent subject for students who go on to become lawyers or to seek positions pertaining to the law.  Law enforcement officials can use their masters to seek out positions in crime analysis and police science as well.

Online Criminal Justice Degree Career Outlook

Criminal justice degrees lead to many enviable positions, and those with an online criminal justice degree can even seek to become part of the DEA, the FBI, the ATF, and the CIA.  Individuals who become parole or correctional officers can make upwards of $45,910 on the average, although this can go up to $60,430.  Police officers do quite well also: a corporal in the department starts out at $49,431 and can go up to $61,173; a sergeant starts out at $58,739 while a captain begins at $72,761; and a police chief begins at $90,570.  Private detectives average from $30,870-$76,640; paralegals can make anywhere between $36,080 and $59,310.

Clearly, an online criminal justice degree can lead to many great things.  This is an ideal degree for anyone who wants to help others by being right in the forefront.  Seeking the degree online presents a perfect opportunity, because students can take their time, schedule their own classes, pay as they go, and ensure that they have the necessary time to devote to their classes.

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