Anyone who enjoys helping people through their problems, providing care, or taking care of others can benefit from an online counseling degree.  Counseling is a rewarding profession in all of its forms, even in the corporate sector.  A counseling degree can lead to a job as a private counselor, a guidance counselor, or a social worker, as well as working in corporate businesses as part of the human resources department.  Counselors provide a great service to others, and going to school online is a fantastic way to save time and money while earning a degree.

Online Counseling Degree Duration

There are many levels associated with an online counseling degree.  Students can begin with an associate’s degree, which provides opportunities for all kinds of entry level positions, and can take anywhere between one to two years.  An associate’s degree can also be applied to a bachelor’s degree.  Bachelor degree programs are more intensive and generally take four years.  A master’s degree, however, takes two years or more and can lead to many exciting, rewarding positions; it can also be applied to a doctorate.

Counseling Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in counseling is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get into the healthcare industry.  Having an associate’s degree in this field, as mentioned, will take about two years, depending on the number of credit hours taken each semester.  In the field of counseling, this degree can lead to positions in a number of different fields, such as becoming a counselor, as long as you have two years’ worth of experience as well.  Other sought after positions include school counseling, marriage counseling, drug rehabilitation, and career counseling.

Counseling Bachelor Course Information

Getting a bachelor’s degree in counseling has many rewards, such as preparing students for the application of the psychological principles they have learned.  This online counseling degree allows students to acquire the skills they need to seek rewarding positions once they are finished with their schooling.  Better still, they will be prepared to handle careers in a number of different settings.  With this degree, students can find jobs as counselors in hospitals, schools, mental health institutions, and rehabilitation centers, just to name a few.

Counseling Masters Course Information

Another online counseling degree is a master’s degree, which opens up even more doors in the field.  Typically, when seeking a master’s degree, students choose a specific specialty and become experts in that field.  For example, you may be interested in becoming a marriage counselor in a private practice, so a master’s would be required.  Other specialty fields includes forensic counseling, positions in health and human service, guidance counseling, and working in child and adolescent development.

Online Counseling Degree Career Outlook

Students who graduate with a degree in counseling and seek work in school environments can make as much as $57,800 in an elementary or secondary school environment, while counseling on a university level earns an average of $43,980.  A position in an outpatient care center or rehabilitation center can earn an average of $36,650 per year, while working as a family counselor earns approximately $35,210.  Marriage therapists who work within a family services center can earn about $39,690.  Counselors who go on to open a private practice tend to make the most money per year.

An online counseling degree is a great option for any student looking to take classes at his or her own pace.  There are worlds of opportunities available in many different fields.  A counseling degree can give anyone a leg up in their current position, but it can also present numerous opportunities for new positions in extremely rewarding fields.

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