In the new millennium, many students are turning toward the internet in order to further their educations.  Pursuing an online art and design degree, for example, is a palatable choice for many students interested in many kinds of arts.  If you are interested in graphic arts, painting, sketching, interior design, or any number of other disciplines, an online education may be the best choice.  Going to school online presents an ideal opportunity to save time and money while acquiring any of several degrees; the following information details the number of years necessary for each degree, what kinds of jobs are available, and what salaries are common.

Online Art and Design Degree Duration

Different degrees take different amounts of time, and the average duration also depends on which art genre a student chooses.  However, for the most parts, an online art and design degree takes the same amount of time it would take offline.  For example, students can expect to spend two years acquiring an associates degree.  Bachelor degrees take approximately four years to complete, while masters degrees generally take two years as well, but may take longer based on the specialty and the discipline the student chooses.

Art and Design Associates Course Information

An associates degree in art and design presents a wealth of opportunities, from building onto skill sets for a better job to providing an inroad for a higher degree.  Individuals with an associates degree can get several great jobs, in fields such as graphic arts, computer imagery, advertising, animation, and interior design, just to name a few.  Typically 60 credit hours are necessary for an associates, and they can go toward a bachelor of arts degree.  An associates can also add to an individual’s skill level in his or her current position.

Art and Design Bachelor Course Information

Acquiring an online art and design degree at the bachelor level is a sure way to find better jobs and make more money, as individuals with a bachelors degree tend to make twice as much money as people without one.  In the field of art and design, students seeking their bachelors can specialize in many different disciplines.  The most popular specialties include advertising, computer graphics, multimedia, web design, game design, interior design, and animation.  Students can also go on to acquire a masters degree.

Art and Design Masters Course Information

Getting a masters degree in art and design prepares students for rich, exciting professions in a number of different fields.  Students can go on to teach, for example, and this degree will take them to the top of their chosen fields.  Individuals can get their masters in everything from interior design to computer and web graphics, animation, art education, and so on.  With a masters degree, the world of design and arts opens wide, so students can also go on to achieve their PhD if they so choose.

Online Art and Design Degree Career Outlook

Of those who have an online art and design degree, some of the most popular careers include art directors, craft artists, fine artists, commercial designers, advertisers, and interior designers.  On the average, art directors make between $54,900-$108,090; craft artists make approximately $29,080; fine artists make between $29,230 and $60,650; and multimedia artists make between $41,710-$77,010.  Commercial designers make an average salary of $57,350, advertisers make a median amount of $43,540, and interior designers make approximately between $34,620 and $61,880.  Salaries also depend on specialty, location, and years of experience.

An online art and design degree is a great way for students to further their education on their own time.  Students can choose when to take classes and can schedule them around their free time.  This is typically a better way to get good grades, because there is much less pressure, which makes it far easier to excel.

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