Students with strong math skills and a love for dealing with numbers may find they could prosper with an online accounting degree.  The program is excellent for high school graduates as well as college graduates looking for a change in professions.  Online schooling makes obtaining a degree easy whether the student is juggling a tight work schedule, or is pressed for the funds to attend a university.  Obtaining an education online takes away these issues and allows students to focus on what is most important – their degrees.

Online Accounting Degree Duration

The length of time it will take to earn a degree in accounting depends largely on what level of degree you’re interested in.  For those seeking a master’s degree, it may take up to two years to complete the required coursework depending on how much has been completed during the undergraduate study.  If many of the courses were already taken, the degree could be achieved in much less time.  However, typically, students will take anywhere from 2-4 years to earn their degrees.

Accounting Associates Course Information

Receiving an Accounting Administration Associates degree is the first step toward a better career.  Students with this type of degree will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries providing accounting and bookkeeping services.  During the program, students will learn business finance laws and the techniques required in accounting.  Courses include basic accounting, business administration, macroeconomics, business computer applications, spreadsheet management, project management, auditing, business law, business statistics, and tax accounting.  Students should be strong in math, critical thinking, and have computer skills.

Accounting Bachelor Course Information

Students looking to earn a bachelor degree in accounting might find the additional pay is worth the extra time in school.  The bachelor program can take up to 4 years to complete, and students will learn basic accounting skills, as well as computer based accounting applications, and payroll administration.  Courses typically include accounting basics, business applications, business law for accounting, economics, cost accounting, income taxation, payroll administration, and computerized accounting.  This program is also designed to prepare students for the certification exams  that are required in the field.

Accounting Masters Course Information

Students with a graduate degree in accounting are able to take the CPA exam sooner than students who have only obtained a bachelor’s degree.  The master’s degree removes the need for two years on the job experience prior to sitting the CPA exam.  However, the coursework can be challenging.  It is the student’s choice whether to take accounting and tax courses, or mix the accounting coursework with graduate level business courses.  The online accounting degree masters program also opens the doors for other certificates including the Certified Management Accountant and the Certified Internal Auditor.

Online Accounting Degree Career Outlook

Job opportunities in accounting will continue to be favorable in the near future.  Employment is expected to grow by 22% in the next 10 years.  This is due to the growth in economy and the number of businesses.  These new businesses will create a larger need for accountants and auditors to keep the books, provide tips on managing, and to handle tax paperwork.  Accountants can typically expect to earn an average of about $60,000 per year.  However, the level of degree the accountant has achieved will play a significant factor in the amount of money earned.

With so many options available for breaking into the accounting industry, there is no reason to delay a dream of becoming an accountant any further.  The online courses make earning the degree a cinch, as courses can be taken at any pace and any level of degree can be sought.  If accounting has been a dream of yours and you possess the necessary skills in math, pursuing an online accounting degree could be the best thing you’ve ever done to boost your career opportunities and fulfill your dreams.

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