A great man once said, whether you believe you can of you can’t, you are right. But Henry Ford was not the only one that believed in the possibilities of the human will to set firmly its determination on a goal and achieve it through steady and ongoing action. You ask if it is possible to get an online education degree?

Well, I can already identify in the question some doubt. You may have a disability or perhaps are older than those you see going to college. Perhaps you don’t believe in your ability to learn how to use a computer well enough to make the online thing work for you. Or maybe you have even decided at some point that you are not smart. Whatever your individual situation, there is a solution that is right for you. Just to be sure that it gets into your head that anything is possible, I want to share with you three examples of average people overcoming tremendous odds.

Let us start off with one of my favorite TV characters, Jack Bauer. Now, if you know the man of whom I speak then I needn’t say anymore. All you would have to do is hang a poster of him on your wall and you would remember that anything is possible. For you older folks, Macgyver may conjure up the same feelings. If you do not known either, let me give you a quick scenario. Jack Bauer is a federal agent working on counter terrorism. He has died about 3 times and come back to like. Each day he takes out probably close to 100 men who stand in his way and who threaten the American people. No amount of danger or terror can stop Jack from protecting the nation. Fiction you say? You are right, but hold tight, we have another example coming up.

Did you ever hear the story of Michael Jordan or Thomas Edison? Well, when you think of these two men you may put them almost in the same category as Jackie boy, even though they are real men. However, that is only because you are looking at what they have achieved, not where they began or how much they persevered through. To give you an idea, Jordan was rejected when trying out for the varsity basketball team in high school because he was too short to play at that level. He used to practice for hours each day to reach his dream of being on the team at one point shooting no less than 100 shots a day. Edison discovered 10,000 ways at least how to NOT make the light bulb, but finally did and can you imagine what life would be like without it? So, with a fixed goal in your mind, you can accomplish anything.

The last example of greatness through determined and consistent work is someone I know who has a rare skin disease. I have never seen her without a smile on her face and despite having to change bandages to protect her skin daily and grinning through the constant pain, she has been an inspiration to many because of her attitude and determination to fight a good fight and come out on top having contributed to the world and those around her rather than sinking into despair and self-pity. It may  in fact be that help she gives others that keeps her spirits so up.

So, whatever your circumstance, whether you are a fictional character or someone with seemingly unequal hardships, you have what it takes to get an online education degree, so never give up. Never surrender.

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