So, I will admit something to you right now, I do not actually have my bachelors degree yet. Now you may be asking, why is a dude without a degree writing? Or better yet, why is he giving me advice on getting a bachelors degree? Well, I used to have a scout master that never got his Eagle Scout Award when he was younger and regretted it. In that state he sought to help all his boys get theirs. He was really quite helpful to this end, until I eventually got mine.

If this analogy carries over, I wish to be that “scout master” for you. There were several things that kept me from getting (thus far) my bachelors degree and I want to help you avoid the pitfalls that I fell in so you can complete your basic college education and be grateful someone shared with you their experience.

So, to begin my college experience I just dove in, taking all kinds of classes, kind of to see what I wanted to pursue. Not this is important in both pursuing an online degree or a traditional one, but I did not decide what I wanted to do before I began. It was that beginning in which I had no direction that partially affect my later schooling. So, before you begin your bachelor degree, make sure you have spent some good time in thought and evaluation so you can dive right into it and have the momentum that is so helpful to carry you to the end.

Next, I found it difficult to make it to all my classes. Had the lectures been available online or at very least on DVD or VHS I would have been able to fit my classes into my occasionally hectic schedule. This is TOTALLY a benefit to going after your bachelor degree online. You can go through your course material first thing in the morning if that is when you are most alert and best able to concentrate. And that can happen whether or not the professor is in the classroom. I could have really benefited from that kind of set up.

Similar to the getting to class on time issue was the location issue. I love to travel, hike, vacation, but how able are you to do this in the traditional setting with classes going daily and with only one or two breaks during the semester? Not really plausible. Even when you do have time off it is often just a couple days. What if I wanted to go for a week road trip to see some family and friends that I have not seen in a very long time. How important would it be for you to be able to take that trip in the midst of school and not miss classes or homework assignments? Sure you would have to do some work on the trip, but I remember playing catch up when I would take those kind of trips during my undergrad.

Last, I started a business in the midst of finishing up school. This is probably the biggest reason I dropped out when I did. I was focused on the business during the day and my classes suffered. So I chose to devote myself wholly to the biz. Sure there were night classes, but not all required classes are available as night classes and I still would have to make the trip, taking valuable time out of my schedule. There were also time I needed nights to plan things for the business.

So, all in all, I would say that if I had the choice, I may just choose getting an online bachelor degree than try to cram myself into the strict context of the traditional way. It is up to you, but, I have made my decision.

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