Alright, so you have running around in your head a thousand things that you want to accomplish in life and it is starting to get down to crunch time. Your parents are asking you incessantly when you are going to make something of yourself. Your girlfriend is kind, but you can see her sad face when she thinks of your future together. And even some of your friends are starting to pick up and leave to pursue their careers. What do you do? Get an online hotel degree, duh!

Think of it this way, out of those thousand things you want to do, most likely around 900 of them are outlandishly not doable, things you saw in movies and were created by a script and special affects in the first place, that particularly goes for number 467: Turn Aunt Janie into a toad like Harry Potter and number 338: Jump off a skyscraper and land on a trampoline like Spiderman. So, with the 100 left over, let’s rule out 75, just because they are not attainable until you make your first million. Now, with 25 left, you start to see that you are still working with too many. It’s time to look at your top ten and compare them with an online hotel degree. Ready? Then let’s go!

One: Travel to Europe. If you had a degree in hotel and hospitality management you could LIVE in Europe. Online hotel degree, duh!

Two: Have a fridge packed with never ending goodness. Come on, you are telling me that this one can’t be accomplished with an online hotel degree? Duh! You’ve seen how hotels stock the room fridges each morning during cleanup.

Three: Meet cool and fascinating people. What better place to do so than in a hotel where people travel from all over the world to vacation. Online hotel degree, duh!

Four: Learn how to play like a lounge singer. Baby, if you have not seen the ritzy chaps and ladies that play in the lobbies of the world’s best hotels I am going to have to say, online hotel degree, duh!

Five: Get a massage once a week. Many hotels have spas attached to them where massages flow like rivers to the sea. Play your cards right and you can relaxing like the customers at those places. Need I say it? Online hotel degree, duh!

Six: Go to plays, get cultured. Hotels are so often tied to some of the best local productions. There is also occasionally discounts to those things to entice visitors. Again, get an online hotel degree, duh!

Seven: Wear nice clothes. In the hospitality industry it is important to look professional, so you will have plenty of opportunities to dress up nicely if it is part of your job! Online hotel degree, duh!

Eight: Eat well. Hotels attract some of the world’s best chefs to make the experience just right for their guests. You too could be eating some of the best meals fit for a king if you…yup, you got it, get an online hotel degree, duh!

Nine: Work out and get buff. Sparing no expenses, some of the best fitness clubs reside on resorts, with personal trainers and fitness instructors. On your lunch break I am sure you could schmooze with those guys for some awesome tips on how to stay in the best shape of your life! Online hotel degree, duh!

Ten: As if you really didn’t want this one…to be surrounded by pretty ladies! Well, here is your shot, get an online hotel degree, duh!

So, as you can see going into the hotel and hospitality industry can totally make all your wildest dreams come true. Don’t hesitate. It is waiting for you! See ya at the resort!

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