There are many reasons we do the things we do and with all the possible choices these days it is important to have some solid and good reasons to take on new endeavors. I am going to examine several of the reason we choose our paths in life and help you apply those to getting an online health degree.

First, we often get involved with doing what we do because it was “handed down” from our parents or other guardians. This is how agriculture often was back in the day. If you had a family farm chances were good that you would grow up to “inherit” it. This reason then is duty. When we feel a responsibility to pursue a certain direction in life one of two things happens, we can either grow to resent it or feel a sense of connection with our ancestors & predecessors. If one of both of your parents were in the health care field you may feel drawn towards it as well. Just make sure that if you pursue it, that you yourself buy into at some point. You need ownership if you are to weather any obstacles that will arise.

Second, decisions can be made based on curiosity. If you are curious about health care, it may be best to shadow someone who is in the field for a week and see if what they are doing is actually something you want to go into. Before you jump into classes or shoot for getting that degree up on your wall, make sure you are ready to embrace the end towards which you are traveling.

Third, We often have life changing experiences that motivate us towards making things better. Perhaps we had an experience where a doctor made a bad move with our grandmother and she ended up paralyzed. Sometimes in an effort to “make things right” or to prevent others from suffering as we did, we get involved with causes or certain life paths. This can definitely be a powerful motivator. When someone really wants to learn they often pick up on things quicker and more deeply than those who are learning because they feel obligated or are not sure it is what they wish to pursue.

Fourth, did you ever say to yourself when you were a child that when you grew up you wanted to be a fireman, an astronaut or doctor? Well, many times we get an idea implanted in our minds early on that leads us to follow our dreams. Those are also very powerful motivators. Many who feel a deep inner connection with their career path often move mountains to get there. Remember the movie Rudy? Because of his determination to fulfill a childhood dream Rudy was able to laugh in the face of obstacles and through persistence he was able to achieve what he set out to do. If you have always wanted to get a health care degree, do not give up now!

Fifth, and perhaps thought of least as a motivation, is that sometimes people are extremely motivated by accomplishing what others tell them they can’t. I have a friend that eats up dares like I eat up pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. A well timed statement of, “I don’t think you can do that” can work wonders. When someone has this motivator inside of them they will move heaven and earth to prove you wrong. If you are motivated by a good challenge, I bet you could not last even one year in an online health care program. Prove me wrong, if you can!

These may be some reasons why you’d want to pursue an online health care degree. But whatever your personal reason, make sure that you have a personal buy-in. Nobody controls your destiny but you, accept it and reach for the stars!

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