I am reminded of a story that I recently heard. The story was of a man that had to cross a river. He spent painstaking effort, after having crossed the difficult water filled gorge himself, to build a bridge. The bridge took him some time and was perhaps even more taxing than was his efforts to cross the river himself. After much time had passed and the man has spent most of his life in determined effort to build the bridge he then moved on with his journey, never to return.

Someone asked this then old man, “Why did you waste your time building a bridge that you would never use?” The man replied that his time was not wasted because he did it for the others who would follow, to make their journey less difficult than his has been.

It is this very thing that happens when we take time to teach those who follow. Teaching, there is no more noble profession. It is the instilling of passion and knowledge in others after having obtained it ourselves that qualifies as teaching. Each generation that grows up is reliant on the last for their learning. And it is this teaching of the next generation that can bring us much joy and satisfaction.

So, for those who wish to take such a course in life, of helping others to avoid the pitfalls that you yourself may have fallen into, I suggest preparing yourself not only with the experience, but with some online education courses. By studying how to most effectively teach you are sure to prepare a sturdy bridge for the next generation to cross.

While we are on the topic, I want to share another story that deals with education. There once was a man who was entreated for some food by a hungry man. The man whose belly caused him to beg for food had noticed the other’s basket of fish. Wisely, the man with the fish handed the man a fish and walked with him down to the pier. There he gave him a fishing rod and showed him how to place his bait and select his lures. He encouraged the hungry man and taught him that once mastered, the art of fishing would put him on a more sure ground, that he could fill his own hunger instead of begging it from others.

It was in this little interaction that the essence of teaching can be seen. While the man with the fish was willing to give the one who asked of him to eat, he also realized that in giving him the skills to fish for himself he would give the man much more than food for himself. He would give the man a stronger sense of welfare, a greater feeling of self-worth.

This is what you can do when you give yourself to some education courses. Learning how to instill this kind of self determination in others is one of the greatest feelings you will ever have. I imagine that it is similar to raising a child in the womb and then for the first year of its life until it takes its first steps. The payoff at those critical life moments can feel so very rewarding.

So, here is your challenge: Take some time right now to consider if this is the direction you wish to take in life. If so, then just use the simple finder on this site to help you locate an online college that will fit your needs as a student and give you the skills to teach a man to fish.

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