So, did you ever watch the Fox T.V. series 24? It is set in a Los Angeles counter terrorism unit or what is affectionately known as CTU. The scene is decked out with computers and work stations that are all open to facilitate quick communication between all parties. Some computer geeks break codes while others hack the bank accounts of suspects. Sometimes this behavior goes down with a warrant, while other times they take matters into their own hands.

There is one character on 24 that often gets overlooked and I am not sure why. He is handsome, has a British accent and is the ex-husband of the annoying, but darn good computer tech Chloe O-Brian. This character’s name is Morris. He is a little abrasive, perhaps because he is a recovering alcoholic, or perhaps just because he lived with Chloe for so long, but he is one of the best code hackers in CTU. He can reconstruct images and files from computers burned in Jack Bauer’s notorious explosions.

Well, the reason I am even giving you this background is because I want you to think a little differently next time you get a computer virus that threatens your very sanity. I know this feeling well, but there are definitely other methods of handling it than throwing the computer out the window or using it for t-ball practice.

The better way of which I speak involves getting an online computer forensics degree, yes that is right, a college degree. Why you ask? Well, imagine that your computer is the “battle field” and you are Team A and all virus’ and computer destroying threats, Team B. Now your battle field may seem rather calm at the moment, ya know while Team B is doing their stretches and warm ups. You even heard that they may pass on this battle, and you are glad because if the truth be told, you were never even ready to take them on anyway.

So, once Team B finishes their stretches and such, they start to take the field. You, as captain of Team A think maybe I can get the ref distracted and then he won’t start the game. Then when he does, you just try to stay away from the rough looking Team B. But eventually your avoidance strategy gets you pummeled, because Team B is in it for blood and they won’t let you escape.

When you do not put preparation into your game plan, you are just playing Russian roulette. It is only a matter of time before you get blown up by Jack Bauer (assuming that he was a bad guy that wanted to destroy your computer).

So, the sure fire way to be prepared for Team B and the damage they can do to your computer is to snag yourself an online computer forensics degree. While in the course of learning to be Morris O’Brien you will also be exposed to knowledge that can prevent these heinous attacks on helpless victims like yourself. I mean, you are seeking to do good with your computer, right? You look only at good stuff. You send loving kitty email forwards to all your friends. You even donate your down time to SETI so they can continue to scour space for alien life forms.

When all is said and done, you want to be one step ahead of your attacker, so get prepared and get a degree in computer forensics. Seriously man. Just do it.

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