There is a poem by Robert Frost that speaks of two road meeting in a forest. The narrator decides to take the one less traveled on, perhaps thinking that it would be better, more exciting. Maybe he was sick of following the crowd and wanted to get in touch more with his individuality. Whatever the reason, he made a choice, something lacking in to many lives.

When we fail to make decisions we coast through life, letting it take us wherever it seems to be going. While there is a component to life that is uncertain, one thing that is so often not set by the stars, but by our decisions is where we end up going.

While many claim that we are products of our genetics or even of the circumstances in which we are born, ultimately it is the choices we make that determine our destiny within these two factors. Two people born under the same circumstances and with the same genetic makeup can find themselves in two completely different places after 25 years of making one small choice after another.

Knowing that we control what we eventually become can help us to make up our minds when it comes to getting an education. If you are not yet settled on the power our minds have on determining our futures perhaps you can get an online psychology degree to help you more clearly come to this conclusion.

Meticulous observers have studied the effects of those who think they have control over their lives and those who do not. Those who experience a much greater degree of happiness are those that have what is called an internal locus of control, or feeling and realizing that happiness lies within the control of the individual, or internally generated. These people can get stuck in a traffic jam and not get upset. They can lose a job and more quickly get back up and find another.

On the flip side there are those with an external locus of control who feel like their life is determined by things outside of themselves. They often react more sensitively to the weather. They may look for someone to blame when they lose their job or place in line. This seeking to place the reaponsibility of one’s own happiness on anyone or thing but themselves is what causes those with an external locus to react negatively more often to life’s inevitable challenges and bumps.

So, following this one psychological theory, I encourage you to dig down deep and come to an understanding that YOU are a core participant in shaping your destiny. No one else is responsible for you and what you become. Take this perspective and learn something that you can then use to benefit mankind. There are many who need help realizing they have within them what they need to find happiness in life and with an online psychology degree you can be that much closer to helping them to realize this essential truth of life.

Make a decision and go for it. Get an online psychology degree.

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