Online colleges have been around for a while now. They give people access to mountains of information that when studied build skills increase marketability and much more. Here are four and a half benefits of getting an online college degree.

Benefit one: Spending time online in an endeavor OTHER THAN Facebook or looking up stock quotes is actually quite refreshing. With billions and billions of web pages one could surf from cradle to grave (if, of course, babies had the capacity to surf the net). And it is not getting any smaller. One may reasonably spend several lifetimes if one were to spend just one minute looking at every page out there. And the amount of information is growing faster than you could keep up too. To cut through the clutter and come out having learned something is amazing, but it will take focus, determination and a plan. An online college degree can help you with that!

Benefit two: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This is very similar to the saying, curiosity killed the cat. I have noticed that when both kids and cats have something to occupy their time and attention they are less likely to look for things to do. When they direct their attention to something specific and productive they grow. When they do not, they sometimes think of the craziest things to get involved with. “I think I am going to tear up this toilet paper.” Or “Hey! Matches!” I think you get the point. So, when we too occupy ourselves with productive endeavors, we are less likely to let our minds wander and perhaps settle on all that we can be unhappy about. When we are productive we feel better and can consider much easier the things we have to be grateful for.

Benefit three: In a world of competition it is important to always be increasing your skills. An online degree can fit in just about anyone’s schedule. Because your online classes will most likely not be scheduled for when you work (because most are designed for this kind of flexibility) you can study around your other obligations. True, depending on how much you have going on, you may wish to scale back in other areas before attending, but many find that with just a little extra time they can keep doing what they have been doing and still get an education, increasing their skills and preparing for the future.

Benefit four: Person growth really should have been placed first. I find that when I do things because I want to and that both challenge me and give me structure I am much more likely to desire to do that thing. This is not to be understated. When you feel a consistent growth in your personal like it is much easier to give more to all other areas of your life.

Benefit four and a half: This only gets a half because it is a superficial benefit, but for some people it seems to be important. When you get an online college degree you get a paper that you can hang on your wall and have people look at it and think you are smart. But only you will know what that paper really means. If you had given your all, that paper may remind you of the clutter you cut through, the time spent in a worthwhile pursuit, the skills you built and the personal growth that you obtained.

I am sure that you will find these and many more benefits as you spend some time reaching for that online college degree.

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