Did you ever hear a mullet described as “business in front and a party in the back?” No?! Well, you totally missed out on some fun comments about the odd hairdo that once graced the covers of many an 80’s rock band album cover! But seriously, what did that even mean? Like one could really go to a business meeting and be perceived as a shrewd business person if only those in the board room saw them from the front? Or perhaps when party time came around they’d just stick on a hat to draw attention to the drape of hair coming out the back. Well, I think what “they” meant by that was that those who sported a mullet had the best of both worlds, seamlessly melding business and pleasure into one hairdo, destined to bring joy and utter coolness to whoever wore it.

J Whatever the meaning of the mullet’s business/party mystique, I was just looking for a springboard into talking about the multiple benefits you can receive by getting an online IS degree. Yeah, I know, quite a stretch huh? Perhaps. Follow along to get some ideas about the dual benefits of the IS degree.

First of all, Information Systems is a relatively new field in human existence. I mean, it hasn’t been around as long as agriculture or textiles, both of which are primary human needs. However, with the advent of the internet, an explosion of information and its application to progress human understanding and growth has resulted. Libraries, bookstores and educational facilities are fast becoming as commonplace as grocery stores and laundromats.

Now with the need for people to gain access to the vast amounts of data that is available to make their lives better, there has grown many new businesses. Some facilitate the gathering of the data. Some provide the information in raw format. Others provide analysis and some storage. With all these new businesses to support this new world of information, there is of necessity a need for education to train newcomers how to best manage all these businesses.

If you like computers, how they work, how they work together with human interaction to create systems you may like to study towards your IS degree. In the discipline of Information Systems you will gain valuable skills in business management, computer networking, databases and other essential skills.

Putting your attention towards understanding this area will most likely not be a poor decision. Careers in the information industry in one aspect or another are flourishing. And while the way you work today in the area and how you work tomorrow may be dramatically different, there are dozens of positions and thousands of opening at present that you can grab in this fast growing industry.

When all is said and done getting an IS degree online is akin to getting a mullet. Why? Because you can get the best of both worlds; an understanding of computers, networks, etc, but also how to manage these resources to work together in comprehensive systems. If you are inclined to starting a business, this is also a brilliant path to look into. If you are interested, let us help you find an online IS degree program or school that fits your needs.

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